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Freedom of information.
Depo Provera (medroxyprogestterone) is a long acting substance with properties simular to natural progesterone, a hormone normally secreted by the human body. Its primary use is to provide long term suppression of ovulation in females. As such a contraceptive it is injected at three month intervals in doses generally of 150 mg.

The drug is manufactured by the Upjohn Company  and marketed in 80 countries around the world. It has the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Agency for International Development, (USAID) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation for use as a contraceptive agent. Estimates of use by woman run to 5,000,000 over the past two decades. Depo Provera is for a patient who refuses or is unable to accept responsibility  of other contraceptive methods,  is incapable or unwilling to tolerate the side effects of conventional oral contraceptives, or is one for whom other methods of contraception are contraindicated or have repeatedly failed."

Read this in shorthand: the POOR, who often lack sufficient contraceptive education or access to contraceptives, and the MENTALLY RETARDED. To submit the relatively helpless to Depo Provera without a substantiated clear demonstration of CANCER SAFETY, would in our view be an outrage. The concept of informed consent --always of dubious value in any doctor-patient relationship--is utterly meaningless in this population . We are further concerned that there is little way to control the use of the drug in middle class women once approved for contraception, the patient leaflet notwithstanding.

A June 17, 1974 analysis of the Upjohn Depo Provera Safety data by an FDA statistician, Bertram Litt, concluded that cervical cancer in situ occured far in excess of expected rates calculated by the third National Cancer Survey.  Conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCS). White Depo Provera users on a dosage of 150mg/3 months of Depo Provera with supplemental Estrogen had 9.1 times more carcinoma-in -situ than expected; blacks 4.8 times more. White Depo Provera users at 300-400 mg/6 months had 7.3 times the expected incidence.  All white Depo -Provera users had 4.9 times carcinoma -in -situ: non whites, 3.1 times.

Litt also noted these calculations were based on just 22 of known cases of carcinoma -in- situ occurring in the Depo Provera trials and that there were, in fact, a total of 35 cases known. The women in the Upjohn studies have not been followed since then. Moreover, there were Depo Provera studies which were not submitted at all in the Upjohn NDA. The median time of occurrence was 18 months, after exposure to Depo Provera. FDA nevertheless dismissed the human figures on three grounds. There was insufficient lag time between exposure and onset of carcinoma-in -situ for the cases to have been drug induced.

This drug has ruined too many families; in the month of December 2001 Depo Provera took the life of a 26 year old woman. In January 2001 Depo Provera took the life of my granddaughter.

I have pages and pages on  DEPO PROVERA.  If any one was to look at the number of women across America who have suffered, it's no wonder the Upjohn Company does't want to BAN it; it's all about the all mighty DOLLAR. The HELL with the families that are suffering, I have read pages and still doing research on this POISON that is going in young teenagers I am praying Depo Provera will be taken off the shelves. This drug has ruined my daughter's life.  She has suffered enough for twenty years. This drug must be stopped from being injected in people.

I'll never understand WHY Depo Provera was ever FDA approved. I have one wish to meet the JERKS who signed the OK slip so they can look my granddaughter in the eye and explain why her mother isn't getting well and may not ever get well and she might get cancer but yet Depo Provera was approved.

When Constnace read what I just wrote her eyes were watering. She feels BETRAYED by our Government. Constance was not given the COLD HARD FACTS OF THIS DRUG. IT KILLS.

Thank you,
Nancy Hedrick

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Computer Intruders~
I didn't think I was anybody important at all, but I guess I must be some type of big shot because it really seems like it's some type of agency that is after me, and that I am
living a true life version of the movie "Enemy of the State."  This week, two computers stopped working.  Of course, the iMac was a casualty quite a long time ago.  Of course, I also lost my job doing medical transcription for the agency.  Then I got a chance with another medical transcription company.  I had obtained a loan from my mother and thought I could surely emerge from this attack with a working computer and a replacement job for the job I lost.  Wrong!  I am broke, having spent and bought computers, computer books, etc., and they shoot me down every single time.  Like I was
saying, two computers this week alone.  They were used computers, but nonetheless, that was about $500 wasted.

One was an older computer I was having a guy work on for me so that I could do this medical transcription work for this job I had just obtained.  That computer was immediately hacked and vandalized, and so I went and got another computer ($200 more wasted).  

I have come to the conclusion that the government has these government hackers advertising used computers and selling computers loaded with Trojan horses.  I can even almost provide a description of this type of hack shop, having become an
expert.  Also, people need to know to be careful who you take your computer to if it needs repair.  They will set it up with "bots," scripting, and god knows what else, and you are a slave to the government the rest of your life, as they will surveil you constantly and make your life miserable.  

No matter how hard you try to get a decent computer again, you will always end up with the same scenario.  At least, that is what happened to me.  Boy, do I have a story to tell.  Anyway, the medical transcription people who offered me the job have given me one more week to try to find a way to get a computer to work in my home.

Editor's note: The woman who is concerned about this, is a member of the CIA-drugs listserv. She lives in an area of California in which Congresswoman Barbara Lee serves, the only Congress person to vote "No" to Bush's war plans for Afghanistan.


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