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Gulf War Syndrome Possibility?

Bill Clinton signed EO13139 to use experimental vaccines on U.S. troops despite the scandals created by exposure of the secret use of experimental vaccines ranging from administering LSD in the 1950s to the drug pyriostigmine bromide, or PB, given to troops bound for the Persian Gulf War. PB, which protects against nerve gas, may be linked to some of the gulf-war illnesses, according to the Rand Corp., a California-based think tank that recently published a 385-page review of the drug according to Insight magazine.


African Americans beaten~

"Last week, a correspondent for the Times found 30 men and one woman  camped in a squalid hotel in Mogadishu, in Somalia. They were all  African Americans of Somali origin, who had arrived in the United  States as babies or children. Most were professionals with secure jobs  and stable lives. In January, just after the release of Black Hawk Down  (the film about the failed US military mission in Somalia), they were  rounded up. They were beaten, threatened with injections and refused  phone calls and access to lawyers. Then, a fortnight ago, with no  charges made or reasons given, they were summarily deported to Somalia.  Now, without passports, papers or money, in an alien and frightening  country, they are wondering whether they will ever see their homes  again."


Charles Baxter suicide?~

The Bush family has its own corrupt medical examiner...  they do a volume business.
Why are there powder burns on temporal region but none on hands?
Will be tattooing self with "NOT A SUICIDE.  PLEASE AUTOPSY"

Note that Baxter was killed with rat shot, essentially a small shotgun shell sized to fit a handgun, which fires spread pattern useful against rodents and snakes. The spread of the rat shot indicates a distance of about 2 feet between the gun and Baxter's head. This clearly argues against a suicide.

Another argument against suicide is the choice of ratshot as the ammo in the gun. In the sort of home Baxter was able to afford to live in, one does not go hunting rats with guns loaded with ratshot; one hires an exterminator. In addition, rat shot is the perfect murder ammunition, because unlike a solid bullet, there is no ballistics test that can match rat shot or snake shot to the gun that fired it.

There are other problems with this autopsy report.

There were shards of glass found on his shirt, on what would have been over the superior RIGHT shoulder, following the removal of his shirt. What was the source of this glass?

Baxter had Ambien--which is given for sleep--in his stomach and in his blood. That means he had taken it very recently; Ambien works very fast; peak levels are usually at about 1.5 hours. Is it likely that someone would take a sleeping pill and then immediately drive somewhere to kill themselves. Why take a sleeping pill if you are going to kill yourself? Ambien is pretty powerful; you don't get in a car to drive somewhere.

The abrasions/lacerations of Baxter's hands take on a new meaning when you consider the unexplained glass shards on his superior right shoulder clothing. This suggests a struggle.

Baxter's body was found on  January 25, 2002. The specimens were received at the lab on January 26, 2002. The date of the autopsy report is January 25, 2002 (the day BEFORE the lab specimens were delivered), but the autopsy was not notarized until February 15, 2002. It was signed by Dr. Carter on January 31, 2002. Dr. Carter indicated very quickly to the press that it was a suicide, yet did not sign the report until January 31, 2002. There are no initials or indications regarding the processing of the report; no dictation or transcription dates, or transcriptionist's initials.
The mosquito kills more people in Africa than AIDS, EBOLA and all WARS combined.
In fact, Mosquito means literally " little fly " in Spanish.This two winged insect is from the family of culicidae called " mosca poquito ", pronounced as moscaaquito, when mosca is fly and poquito is small. The female of this little bestion is distinguished by a long needlelike proboscis adapted to break and puncture the skin of any animal in order to suck the blood. Mosquito can also live by sucking some plant juice.
Not all mosquito species are dangerous. Some are vectors of diseases well known such as malaria and yellow fever in Africa. Anopheles is the most female killer.
Last year only " Anopheles killed 2.000.000 people in Africa " the Science journal says.
Untill now the only effective therapy was a Quinine and all the derivatives of the some kind. But Experts of tropical diseases say that a new type of drug was developed by a French-led medical team. This drug, the G25 cures infections of two types of malaria and is able to control the  mosquito-spread disease that infects about 500  million people yearly in Africa. The G25, even thought it was only tested in the monkeys till now, will also stop the spread of malaria by " preventing the parasites from reproducing inside the red blood cells of victims " said Mr Ngoyi, a Congolese Doctor.
This was a real fact of life.
Hurst, Texas USA.
Sanctions against Iraq~
Items Banned by the Sanctions
Source: The Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice by
Geoff Simons, St. Martins Press

Products banned:
agricultural pesticides
all electrical equipment
all other building materials
baby food
badminton rackets
cannulas for intravenous drips
catheters for babies
children's bicycles
children's clothes
chlorine and other water
cleaning agents
cobalt sources for X-ray
dialysis equipment
disposable surgical gloves
drugs for angina
ECG monitors
glue for textbooks
leather material for shoes
medical gauze
medical journals
medical swabs
medical syringes
medication for epilepsy
nail polish
nasogastric tubes
nylon cloth for filtering flour
other adult clothes
oxygen tents
pencil sharpeners
ping-pong balls
polyester & acrylic yarn rice rubber tubes
purification chemicals
sanitary towels
school books
school handicraft equipment
shoe laces
shroud material
specific granite shipments
specific umbilical catheters
steel plate stethoscopes
suction catheters for blockages
surgical instruments
textile plant equipment
thread for children's clothes
toilet paper
tooth brushes
various other foodstuffs
wool felt for thermal insulation
X-ray equipment
X-ray film
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