The Origin of Israel

by Dr. James Bowen

The "mid east crisis" was, in part, triggered long ago by Britain's duplicity.  Lawrence of Arabia promised Arab control of Palestine in exchange for Arab backing against the Ottoman Turkish Empire.  A few decades later, in WWI, the British promised control of Palestine to the Satanist Rothschild dynasty in exchange for monies with which to fight WWI. The post WWII Zionist movement largely amongst Ashkenazi "Jews" who have no direct ancestry from Palestine was used by the Rothschilds to assert their control of Palestine. That leaves two factions believing they are rightfully entitled to control.  Some of my Jewish friends have gone to Israel to help build it up and come back, no longer considering themselves Jews because of the abuses heaped upon Palestinians by the government of Israel.  Enough said that the Palestinian peoples are the only true victims at this minute, and the continued victimization will leave Israel bogged down in their own "Vietnam," and unworthy of the support of any decent nation, in either the short or long term.

I see two possible and viable solutions:  1. Is for Israel to fully incorporate all of Palestine and grant immediate full respect to ALL the rights of ALL the other Palestinian peoples, in an equal representation, equal vote democracy, along with an affirmative action program vigorously pursued to give all non Jews parity in every sense of the word, including religious liberty and an immediate equal seat in government and military structure. At present Israel is so under the control of the Rothschild Satanists that if a citizen of the State of Israel studies his Old Testament prophecies and accepts Christ as the messiah he is labeled a "Messianic Jew" and his citizenship revoked, and he will be deported.  This organized; established anti Christian activity of Israel is proof enough that the State of Israel sub serves only Satan the "Anti Christ."

2. Is for Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia to cooperatively form a separate plebiscite of all Palestinian peoples and lands excluding Israel and separated there from by a demilitarized zone but including the Sinai, and southern Arabian peninsulas, again devoid of religious persecution of any kind, and granting full freedom of religion and all religious activities to all its citizens/occupants.  The borders thereof with Israel and the distribution/redistribution of the water resources to be established by a joint commission of the US, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt  with each party having an equal vote as  to how redistribute this vital resource which Israel has so greedily confiscated for its own purposes, and which would never be amicably nor fairly distributed by merely allowing the presently existing power brokerage of the region by the US/Israeli- Rothschild/ Bush clique to carry on as it presently does.

Dr. James Bowen is an American citizen, who lives in the United States.


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