True Story

No Hugs, No Good Night Kiss

by Author wishes to remain Anonymous

What's it like to never have a hug or a good night kiss from the man to whom you're married? At best, it's demoralizing; at worst, it's depressing.

To know that this happens every day of the year not because my husband dislikes me but because he despises himself for being so patriotic that he allowed himself to be duped into serving his government in a war that was based upon a deceit, a war that destroyed millions of lives both physically and psychologically.

From A. R. Luria's book entitled, The Man With a Shattered World comes, "Were It Not for War..." In Place of an Epilogue

How many tragedies has war created? How many people have died, been crippled, robbed of any chance of a productive life? Who knows how many of those whom war has crippled and destroyed might have been great people-the Lomonosovs, Pushkins, Mendeleyevs, Tolstoys, Doestoyevskys, Tchaikovskys, Pavlovs, and Gorkys of our time? Among them some may have been great scientists who would have made life even brighter, more promising.

Were it not for war, the world would have become a great place to live long ago. In this age we have an opportunity to build and create a fine and beautiful world, to feed, clothe, and shelter all of mankind, not only the present generation but those for centuries to come.

The water and earth of this world have an endless supply of energy and raw material, there is no need to fear any shortage of them. Soon there will be flights to outer space-first to the moon and the nearest planets. This will give us an even greater chance to enrich life with rare elements and substances that may be more plentiful on planets other than the earth. We could do this, were it not for war. . . ."

This is what war causes-human tragedy of untold dimension. This is one story of millions more just like it.

What must it be like for the man who cannot hug? The arms just won't perform the most basic of all human emotions-touch. Touch that says that you're appreciated.

The woman who provided this to me was too embarrassed to provide her name. She asked me to not divulge it.


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