This edition is devoted to Amy Goodman, Alan Nairn, Bernard White, Juan Gonzalez, Grandpa Al Lewis, Verna Avery-Brown, Mimi Rosenberg, Deepa Fernandez, Sharan Harper as well as all the others who have been banned and fired from community supported radio station WBAI in New York City because they have risked their lives to bring accurate information to people. Their freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press has been denied, something that would never occur in a democracy. This edition is also being devoted to the families and loved ones of those lost in the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building as within these pages, that cover up is exposed.

Thank you to those of you who have read the first four editions of True Democracy. You'll never know what it means to me to have had your support this past year. The unexpected money from subscribers and donors were a joy to receive, money that helped pay to bring Top Secret history to you and others who took advantage of my good fortune.

In 2001 when Utrice Leid stated that what Amy Goodman said about East Timor was untrue, she deceived. She assaulted Amy forcing her to flee the studio office in order to work in a safe environment at the Fire House in another section of Manhattan.

Alain Nairn protected Amy when they were in East Timor. I have the tape of the screams heard from the East Timorese as the bullets were flying killing multitudes of them. Therefore, not only do I know it's true but I know that Ms. Leid altered her actions as it was her action in 1999 that allowed me to expound on the Trilateral Commission on her program, "Talk Back" which enabled me to learn about the even more secretive organization, the Bilderbergs from an American gentleman who lives on Long Island.

Bernard White was fired and locked out of WBAI because, in my humble opinion, he dared to utter that we have fascism in the United States. He is correct; we did then and we do now. Some call it "creeping fascism." Whatever it is, we have controlled elections in America and have had for 100 years with the exception of the election in 1960 when John F. Kennedy managed to get elected. We who read this know what happened to President Kennedy for you read it in True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia).

Grandpa Al Lewis disseminated factual information and is a prisoner advocate. That is, in my opinion, why he was banned from WBAI where he didn't even draw a salary.

My freedom of speech has been prevented too for in that very first edition, the main article which was originally published in Argentina by Clarin would have never been included in the first edition of my unique world distributed e-magazine if I had listened to Clarin's department that gives permission to reprint to people. They did not give me permission to reprint stating to one of my sources, Claudia, that they did not like my criticizing my government.

Since that was the main article which proved that which my student told me and one of my friends, Enrique, who is originally from Argentina, stated, "Yes, this is what your student meant when he said what he said to you," this is the definitive article. How would it have been for the entire world to not have received that article? It would have meant that assassinations would be perpetuated again and again, betraying the world. That's what censorship allows. Claudia was extremely angry; she tried to get permission for me to reprint that article; they wouldn't even give it to her on my behalf. I had asked twice and had never received a response even though I contacted the correct person.

In Robert W. McChesney's brilliant book, Rich Media Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times, Professor McChesney states of Clarin, "And within each of their home nations these media firms have distinct pro-business political agendas that put them at odds with large segments of the population." Professor McChesney quoted this from Andrea Mandel-Campbell, "Clarin Faces Argentine Media War," Financial Times, January 20, 1998, p. 19."

To think that I would not have been able to save the life of even one person is intolerable to me. It is my intention to save millions of lives simply because I dared to publish the truth which is something that you who read this editorial enable me to do. Thank you very much. Alone I would never save even one life, let alone millions. It is your support that will make that goal a reality.

Arlene Johnson


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