True Story

Why Was John Lennon Assassinated?

by Brian Downing Quig

Just blocks away from the DAKOTA where John Lennon was shot to death President elect Ronald Reagan was meeting with his designated Director of CIA William Casey.

The shooter Mark Chapman had worked for WORLD VISION SOCIETY, the CIA/Department of Defense front that purports to manage refugee camps but is noted for recruiting assassins.

World Vision was managing the refugee camp at FORT CHAFEE for the CUBAN BOAT PEOPLE which was managed by remnants of ALPHA 66 the most violent of the groups the CIA sponsored for terror against Castro's Cuba.

The shooter of Ronald Reagan was the son of the number 2 man in World Vision who was a close friend of George H.W. Bush.  One of the Bush son's was having dinner with Chapman's brother at the time of the shooting. They were advised when the shooting had been completed.

Edward Bennett Williams, one of the members of the PRESIDENT'S FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BOARD  was the attorney for Chapman.

That is how Reagan (and Bush) set the tenor of their administration.

Editor's note: These people are determined that peace will not happen. That's why they felt that they had to have John Lennon assassinated.


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