Top Secret

Israeli History -- Project Monarch, Rabin, and Oslo

by Barry Chamish
(The following article is not suitable for the squeamish or the prudish. If you count yourself among either category, please stop here according to the man who authored this article.)

The most common question about the Rabin assassination is; why would Amir agree to shoot blanks and then spend the rest of his life in prison?

The most common question about Rabin is; why did he agree to lead his nation into a "peace" process he must have known was suicidal?

I skirt the issue by answering, "deadly threats," to both. I've known that mind control was the key for years but the people who must get the truth out, the Jews, mostly, would dismiss the concept. Out of deference to their conservatism, and the fear that the broader truth would negate the practical facts, I've avoided the most obvious conclusion: Yigal Amir was a programmed patsy. He was under the influence of mind control. And so likely, was Rabin, in a different way.

Do you see all the readers scurrying away? For those open-minded enough to read this, the following is going to be hard to swallow initially. But permit me to be graphic for the sake of truth.

One of the most sensitive and hidden facts of the Rabin murder is called priapism, or genital erection. When Rabin was first examined at Ichilov Hospital on his last night alive, the doctors looked for priapism and found it. This is a sure sign of spinal damage. When the spinal cord is shattered, nervous signals are no longer sent to the muscles. Thus, blood blows uncontrolled into the extremities of the body, including the penis.

Rabin's priapism sent the doctors on a brief wild goose chase, seeking the location of the spinal damage. However, it turned out, the spine was untouched.

The issue of spinal injury is core to the Rabin murder truth. Later that night, a new wound appeared which did shatter the spine at dorsal vertebrae 5, 6 and 7. Those who argue that there was no third wound, point to the fact that Rabin's priapism was discovered quickly after he was admitted to the Emergency Room, proving the spine was damaged before the alleged third shot.

However, those few mainstream journalists who have tried to analyze Rabin's wounds were given the real explanation and then merely alluded to it in their articles. Ronen Bergman of Haaretz, for instance, delicately referred to "Rabin's unusual medical condition."

When I first had Rabin's surgeon's report examined by a doctor, he was shocked by the real explanation for the priapism: Rabin had a penile prosthesis and was permanently priapitic. The doctor explained, "No wonder the medical staff were stumped by the priapism. Even in pre-Viagara days, this was a highly unusual implant, and at age 73, what did he need it for? One can say that he could have had it removed but wanted to please his wife Leah, but it wouldn't be me to say it."

As you read the following book review, keep Rabin in mind.

Trance Formation Of America by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips


Long, highly detailed books by the Executive Intelligence Report and Terry Reid (SPI Books, NY) describe George Bush as a cocaine guzzling pedophile. Another book, Trance Formation Of America makes the same claims for his son, the current American President.

And I believe it, well knowing the kind of criticism I'll be subjected to by advocating this book.

Cathy O'Brien claims that for almost a quarter of a century she was a mind controlled sex slave for a CIA program called Project Monarch. Barely a toddler, her father filmed her in acts of bestiality and sold copies to privileged clients in Michigan. A copy was confiscated by the police and her father was threatened with prosecution. In a deal involving Gerald Ford, charges were dropped in exchange for O'Brien entering Project

Children such as O'Brien are sought for the project because they are already mind-damaged goods. The young mind reacts to the severe trauma of molestation or incestuous rape by blocking out the memories. The brain compartmentalizes these horrid images and permits the victim to function in the outside world. The compartmentalization initiates a condition called Multiple Personality Disorder .

The slaves of Project Monarch were subjected to endless trauma, deeply exacerbating Multiple Personality Disorder and, in effect, leaving the victims vulnerable to mind control. Nazi scientists were perfecting techniques to control Multiple Personality Disorder through verbal or sensory signals called triggers, when the CIA shipped the sadists to America in a plan called Operation Paperclip after WWII. These triggers opened the desired compartments and turned the victims into obedient, mindless robots.

As an added bonus, one compartment of Multiple Personality Disorder opened a photographic memory. Verbatim messages of the most criminal kind could be sent from party to party without any risk to the transmitter or receiver.

Because of O'Brien's beauty, she became a Presidential slave, in demand among those in diplomatic circles willing to sell their souls for raw vice. It appears, there are many in the highest political circles who are so willing. Among the American rulers she serviced were Senators Byrd, Leahy and Spector, Congressman Traficant, and Governors Thornburgh and VanderJagt. The Presidents who violated her were Ford, Reagan, Clinton (and the Mrs.) and the elder Bush, in the first and last case when she was a child.

Here is where I'm losing people. Of course, these are the ravings of a psychotic! My only reply is to read the book. O'Brien's plethora of details, her authentic documentation which was submitted to the State of Tennessee Court, her historically correct timing and the clearly sincere narrative persuaded me that we are dealing with the ugliest kind of truth here.

O'Brien claims that she was employed to bribe and compromise world leaders. She writes:

"World leaders were always compromised through covertly filmed bizarre sexual activity ... Oftentimes when I and others were prostituted to various New World Order leaders, Dante had hidden cameras filming perverse sexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage." page 169

Among the leaders mentioned were King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, when O'Brien was only eight and President Noriega of Panama. When the American leaders wanted to push through a continent wide free trade zone, President de la Madrid of Mexico and Prime Minister Mulroney accepted the bribes, more than the blackmail, with zest.

Lest, one think that such diplomacy does not take place, recall that in 1987, Romania's head of intelligence published a book in which he claimed that Arafat was supplied with young boys, was filmed in the illegal acts and both the CIA and KGB blackmailed him thereafter.

O'Brien, who was educated at Catholic schools even while a Monarch slave, identifies the top of the slave ladder:

"Bob Bennett also manipulated my mind in accordance with Vatican 'Orders', via Byrd's Jesuit College programming center in West Virginia. Bennett's penchant for manipulating minds is apparently rooted in his knowledge of Catholic/Jesuit mind-control techniques." page 172

"'That's better,'" Clinton said. Using Standard Jesuit hand signals and cryptic language, he triggered/switched me and accessed a previously programmed message." page 107

We recall that according to Clinton himself, while a student at Georgetown University, he considered becoming a Jesuit priest.

I will now quote O'Brien on her treatment by the current landlords of the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush. What follows is gruesome and if that is not your style of reading, this would be the place to stop. It is enough to know that the most powerful rulers of the planet rule through rape and pedophilia. It is useful but not totally necessary to know the details of the ugliness that this entails.

Vice President Richard Cheney

"Cheney's face turned red with rage. He was on me in an instant, slamming my back into the wall with one arm across my chest, and his hand on my throat, choking me while applying pressure to the carotid artery in my neck. His eyes bulged and he spit as he growled,' If you don't mind me, I'll kill you. I could kill you with my bare hands. You're not the first and you won't be the last. I'll kill you anytime I goddam please.' Then he finished taking his rage out on me sexually." page 100

One of the delights accrued by being a member of this rapist elite, is the right to play A Most Dangerous Game. Slaves are stripped naked and sent scurrying around forested military compounds while the rulers hunt them down with real rifles. Most slaves were spared. Cheney, according to O'Brien, loves the thrill of the chase.

"I stood naked in his hunting lodge after being hunted down and caught. Cheney was talking as he paced around me. 'I could stuff you and mount you like a jackalope and call you a two legged dear. Or I could stuff you with this. (he unzips his pants)... The blood reached my shoes and caught my attention." page 99

"'Byrd tells me you need a good whipping. But I'm not sure which instrument you prefer, so I brought them all.' Cheney had a riding crop, a whip and a cat-o-nine-tails laid out on the bed ... I was swollen and bleeding, the bottom of my shirt was soaked in blood and my belly hurt deep inside when my escort finally came for me early the next morning." page 143

President Bush

Cheney not only abused Cathy O'Brien, but he also brutalized her seven year old daughter Kelly. But, writes O'Brien, he wasn't the only one.

"The next day, hours before I was to meet with de la Madrid, LA Dodgers baseball team manager Tommy LaSorda, George W. Bush and a star pitcher of Jr.'s Texas Rangers, Nolan Ryan, were at Dante's house working out the details of money laundering and bank transactions for the imminent opening of the Juarez border cocaine, heroin and white slavery route...

"'Dante said, 'Her sex is working fine. Give it a whirl.' Bush declined ... he had never shown any interest in me sexually. Like his father, he had only shown sexual interest in Kelly, who had been away with him most of the day."

I believe O'Brien's account is truthful. Which means I believe the world is run by deeply disturbed pedophilic rapists. To them, body parts blown into streets are just another thrill, be they in New York, Kabul, or Jerusalem. They have compromised the leadership of the world, Israel included. To save our planet, they must face justice, not an easy task when they have all the armies, courts and banks and all we have to protect ourselves are a few brave voices, like Cathy O'Brien's.


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