Myth Breakers

Myth Breakers

The Gulf War was a fight to save democracy.

Osama bin Laden is the new Hitler.

Ten years ago Arafat was the poster child for terrorism ... now he is a statesman?

The public is infinitely malleable and susceptible to the power elite's propaganda.

Editor's note: This last statement is true; it's not a myth unfortunately.
While I agree Hanan Ashrawi would be a great leader, I can't go along with the myth that women are somehow less violent than men. This is feminist wishful thinking that ignores the following:
Golda Meier, more hawkish than her colleagues;
Margaret Thatcher ("Rejoice" when the Belgrado sank);
Madame Nu's ("barbecued Buddhists");
the charming Madeline Albright who found the deaths of 500,000 children acceptable;
the vociferous female supporters of the IRA and Loyalist fighters;
Indira Gandhi (less testosterone than the Mahatma);
Winnie Mandela (ditto with Nelson);
many female monarchs as nasty as their male counterparts;
and the many pro-Zionist female supporters whose letters are as vitriolic as any males.

It ain't what you have between your legs but between your ears that counts. We don't need another fake dualism where one gender is innocent. "We all share the guilt of the race to which we belong" (Ibsen) . Female Israelis enjoy the fruits of the dispossessed Palestinians just as female Americans enjoy the results of dispossessing the Native Americans as much as their spouses do.

Editor's note: As a female, I concur. I do feel, however, that some of these women have good reason to "fight" for the IRA is the victim and Winnie Mandela certainly suffered from the Apartheid government of South Africa. Therefore, I don't place these women in the same position as I do Margaret Thatcher and Madeline Albright, etc.
America has never had democracy; frankly, it never will. There are too many people in the nation who cannot deal with the truth. If you can't deal with the truth, you can't solve problems. And you certainly won't have democracy.


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