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Part 3

On a Canadian radio show this evening a newspaper writer named Doug Cuthand quit after 10 years as an editorial writer at the Saskatoon Tribune Star because his editorial saying that Palestinians have a  legitimate land claim against the Israelis was censored. This is the first  time that they prevented one of his articles from being published although he regularly writes  about controversial topics. Evidently the newspaper was bought by some company in Winnipeg who prefer their editorials to be like mobius strips - one sided! The man was talking from Saskatchewan.
The governors of New York, California, and Illinois forced the Centers for Disease Control to spend $900,000 to have a health law public policy professor draft the Model Emergency Health Powers Act and Model States Health Powers Act at http://www.Law.Georgetown.EDU

When this act is passed  by all the states, The National Government can declare a health emergency and quarantine you in any Sports Stadium, forcing you to dress up in paper clothing. FEMA owns 10% of all sports stadiums., so this scenario has been in planning for a long time. This action would actually increase any pandemic. The two main pathogens which are most likely to be used are a virulent gene spliced smallpox never before released and the ebola virus which was released in Afghanistan.
Afghan Provisional Leader Karzai is CIA stooge and UNOCAL consultant

Hamed Karzai, head of the Afghan provisional government, has cooperated  with the Americans since the years of Afghan war against the Soviets in the 1980s and that he has ties with the CIA -- in coordination  and cooperation with the CIA, he carried out a large-scale covert  operation inside Afghanistan with the objective of igniting a popular uprising against the Taliban regime. Karzai later worked as a consultant for the huge US oil group Unocal, which had supported the Taliban  movement and sought to construct a pipeline to transport oil and gas  from the Islamic republics of Central Asia to Pakistan via Afghanistan.

Media Control

From the Mulindwas Communication Group, Africa

   The campaign against the Media in the US or in the Western hemisphere are so biased to the point of reporting falsehood. Until human beings realize the power in their hands that without them government will not exist, without them no rail, no communication, no media, this people, self centered, blind will continue to take us for granted.
    But, why do we waste our time watching that biased media and giving them more ratings?
    Problem is looming the world should worry. There is something between the present regime in the US and Israel, the world should not sleep until the two murders at the head of affairs in both countries are brought to justice.
    The American press are not helping matters with their one sided report. I am tired of not hearing the opinion at the other side.

Fox News Pulls Its Four-Part Israeli US Phone Spying Series
Michael Rivero
December 22, 2001

  Fox News just stopped the four part story about the phone spying scandal. This has become absurd. Here the FBI has just uncovered the largest spy ring ever discovered
in our country, and the government that owns and operates that spy network
is able to tell Fox News NOT to report the story?
  Will someone explain to me what is going on when the nation that owns the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States is, even, AFTER  that spy ring is discovered and arrested, able to tell Fox News what stories they can and cannot run?
  We need to get this to as many people as possible. Clearly, the Mossad has a huge network of people able to call and complain to Fox News to remove the story. We must muster an even greater number of people to call Fox  News and DEMAND the full and complete story be put back on the web site and on the air.
  Please email everyone on your activist list and post the news about  this most egregious censorship, about Fox caving in on this story, to every public forum you can. Have everyone on your activist list call Fox News to demand the  return of the story, then phone ten of their activist friends and have THEM  phone Fox News.

Editor's note: What people need to do is boycott the sponsors of these stations or just stop listening to the stations and tell the sponsors that you made that decision or both.


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