Freedom of the Press

by Robert Mitton

Why didn't we see more articles like the one from the Houston Chronicle in the newspapers across the nation? The main media is attempting to cut out the real news that the elitists do not want to be known.

There were many people protesting across the nation on that day, yet very little note was taken by the main media. The main media is controlled by less than 25 companies for the entire world and they are all owned by Republicans! Their agenda is not to broadcast the news but rather to broadcast their views. (Like when GE had Tom Brokaw sell us the ulterior Patriot missile every night during the Gulf Massacre!)

Denver for example had a good little crowd in front of the West side of the Capital Building for several hours and for most of the time no one on Lincoln Street could even see the Pro-Life demonstrators, who were at the top of the stairs. There were a couple hundred there at any one time.

We had a big puppet and many signs. Many of them big and colorful. Mine said, "Hail to the Thief" with a Swastika! Only for a few minutes were the Pro-Lifers even on the street with their signs. The majority of the time and most all of the signs out on Lincoln Street contested the election.

Yet, our local news projected just the opposite to their audience! They claimed it to be a strong Pro-Life demonstration with only a couple "odd ball" protesters trying to make noise. I would think that this was the situation that happened all over the country, just as the Houston Chronicle was letting us know about DC.


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