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Part 6 -- Caterpillar Company

Given Caterpillar's knowledge of the use of its equipment and its smug reaction, we have to maintain the pressure on them or they'll think we let up. Today, Zahi sent a copy of the LAW press release discussing home demolitions in Jerusalem. Forward these types of announcements to: It's just two clicks of a button.

In terms of the national media, the major network that was working the story about Caterpillar is not going to air it ... no reason was given. That's OK. We keep at it. I am re-enclosing the foreign desk numbers of all of the networks. Please call them and suggest that a story be done on Caterpillar bulldozers in Israeli home demolitions. Further, let them know that Palestinians, Israelis, and other activists are working together to call on Caterpillar to condemn the use of its equipment for war crimes, and/or to rethink its sales..

ABC -- 212-456-2800
CBS -- 212-975-3019
NBC -- 201-583-5777
CNN -- 404-827-1519
MSNBC -- 201- 583-5000
NPR -- 202-513-2299
FOX -- 312-494-0428 [Chicago Bureau]

To write a letter to the editor in the Pulse Journal Star about your concerns, write to Remember that Peoria is the headquarters to Caterpillar.

Please forward this to others.

If you have not yet written your letter, please do so! If you have written a letter, a second letter wouldn't hurt.

A letter is enclosed for you to cut, paste, and send:

Dear Mr. Cordani,

I am writing to you because Caterpillar equipment is being used to commit war crimes by the state of Israel. Take for example, the latest home demolitions in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Palestinian refugees were put out in the dead of winter two weeks ago.

Caterpillar is known around the world for its earthmoving equipment ­ equipment which is now recognized as one of the most destructive of military weapons in Israel's arsenal. Sadly, Caterpillar's respected name is in question as silence has been the official response to the home demolitions.

When one looks at Caterpillar's website, one is immediately struck by the corporation's pride in 75 years of community service to the world. You are even the Media Representative for Social Responsibility. The mission statement is that, ėCaterpillar is committed to enabling positive and responsible growth around the world, and we believe in the value of social and environmental responsibility.'

Yet, hundreds of Palestinians have gone homeless, and more than 385,000 olive trees have been bulldozed. Shouldn't Caterpillar put a clause in future sales contracts with Israel forbidding the use of its equipment for such activities? Couldn't Caterpillar issue a condemnation?

Business may be business, but war crimes are a different story. Doing business with Israel means silently consenting to war crimes.

Please issue a public statement condemning the use of your equipment to demolish people's homes. We would not accept this for ourselves in the USA, and nor should the respected Caterpillar accept the use of its equipment to make others homeless.


City and State

Additional Contact Info for Caterpillar:

100 Northeast Adams Street
Peoria, Illinois 61629

Fax number for Public Affairs Dept.:

Attention Benjamin Cordani, Media Rep for Social Responsibility and Jeff Hawkinson, Corporate Public Affairs Spokesperson
(309) 675-5588 [fax]
(309) 675-4388 [phone]

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