America's Concerns

Part 3 --
Right of Return for the Palestinian People

Dear All,

Tel. (202) 785-8394, Fax (202) 887-5337, or

They need to hear our concerns!

Yes to Right of Return -- it is moral and legal, and frankly a personal choice for refugees, not Nusseibeh's to give up for everyone else.

No to Illegal Israeli settlements

Yes to Jerusalem, 242, and 338

The point of these calls, faxes, or e-mails is not to bring about disunity among Palestinians but to send a message to the leadership in a democratic and empowering manner. We know they are facing unprecedented pressure, but it is the Palestinian street they ultimately need to satisfy. Palestinians have already recognized Israel's existence on 78% of what was Palestine. They are suffering from a siege that has left much of the world mute.

A quick note: Please do NOT make these calls, faxes, or e-mails from your workplace. If you are in the Eastern time zone, send an e-mail or do these things tonight so that the PLO will receive them first thing in the morning.

Finally, we must keep in mind that if Israel and Jewish rights were involved, Jews would mobilize and send a message to the Israeli government. Please play your part.

Editor's note: There is a demand in this edition to achieve this when the Congress finally listens to us.


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