Freedom of Speech/Freedom of the Press

Individual Freedom of Speech

by Margaret Richards
April, 2001

This is what our country is coming to under the $hrub [Bush]. I have been writing letters to everyone since Tricky Dick Nixon and this is a first. Freedom of speech is next people.... We have to vote these idiots out of office before it is too late.

Well people, I must be doing something right. My Saturday afternoon was interrupted by two Secret Service agents from Mobile Alabama. They had been sent here because I wrote a letter to a shyster Florida State representative who made hateful nasty remarks to a gay person. Here is the exact email in it's entirety with the exception of the picture of the "village idiot" that many of you have seen. I sent a copy to the $hrub [Bush] too.

I have heard some bull sh*t before but you take the cake. What a hateful vile p*ss poor excuse for a human being you are. And to think that people actually voted for you.

Maybe the gay population is becoming so vocal because they are sick of you two faced, back stabbing hypocrites who assume that you speak for God. You are the type of low life who helped appoint a dictator to the White House. A firing squad would be too good for you. Why don't we send you to Texas and let the Toxic Texan fry your butt?
M. R.
Pensacola FL

Needless to say as all of you know who have received emails from me, I sign my name in full. I have nothing to hide.

Below is the email address for Allen Trovillion (R) the idiot who, among other things told a gay student that he was going to fry in hell. Please feel free to send him a complimentary email.

Also here are the names of the Secret Service agents who invaded my privacy today. They had about a ten page questionnaire that they filled out as they grilled me. About every 5th question was if I had been in a mental institution. I said, no I don't have time for luxuries like that. I answered the same on drug use and drinking. No, I am perfectly capable of calling Bu$h the toxic Texan, the $hrub or whatever without something to drink. If they wanted to investigate drug abuse, why aren't they investigating Bu$h himself?

Ok Special Agents John Dantin & Doug Johnson,
Parkview Office Building
182 St. Francis Street, Suite 200
Mobile AL 36602
Ph: 334-441-5851
FAX: 334-441-5250

I have absolutely no interest in doing any physical harm to the unhonorable toxic Texan. I have much more fun laughing at the sheer stupidity that comes from his mouth every time he opens it. Why in heaven's name would I want to shut that up? Vote his a$$ out of office & humiliate him, yes! As I told the SS (Sheeze notice the initials), I have never met any individual person who was worth going to jail over and God knows that the $hrub is not worth a jail sentence.

Well people, I guess this is part of the Gestapo approach to curtail freedom of speech. Well I have absolutely no intention of shutting my mouth when it comes to Voter Reform and getting that dictator and his rotten crew out of our White House. This will go out in the form of an Email too ... especially a copy to the $hrub and his brother. Also the nasty little creep Allen Trovillion. I told the SS agents as a matter of fact that they would be better serving the people of this country, by investigating an elected representative who would make such blatant, hate mongering statements to a gay student.

By the way, would one of the people who had the original statement of that monster please send me a copy of it. I did not expect to have any use for the original but now I want to post it on the internet again.

Greg Palast, I know how you have felt for months trying to expose the corruption in this country. I may need your help to keep my freedom of speech.

Ms. Richards lives in Pensacola Florida and posts on the Fringefolk listserv.


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