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CIA Agents Infest US Mass Media -- 4th of 4 parts

General Smedley Butler couldn't do this anymore, so he retired from the United States Marine Corps and eventually led a major movement in the United States to try to stop this kind of action. In fact, when Franklin Roosevelt was elected President, major economic interests in the United States attempted to recruit General Smedley Butler to lead a military coup against the United States because there were large elements in the banking industry -- J. P. Morgan and all the way up to and including the father of John F. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy -- who, in fact, were EXTREMELY sympathetic to the state capitalist system that was being set up by Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. There were major investments being made.

There were a number of books written, giving great detail about the kind of support that existed in very high-level industrial and banking circles in the United States, through the 1930s, for this peculiar concept of economics in government called "state capitalism," whereby you don't really have just simple private industry. And you don't have private enterprise and free enterprise. What you have, instead, is a system by means of which the organs of the state -- of the government -- gather tax money from the average people and they transfer it to the private companies that are owned by these few families. And they subsidize those companies, whether they be major weapons industries, ball-bearing factories, rolling-steel plants, etc. Major heavy industry is subsidized by the hard-earned taxed salaries of average working citizens. And they attempt to take away the risks of owning and running huge private businesses like that under the theory that those businesses are so big and so powerful that they need to be kept healthy and stable by the tools of the state and the organs of the state for the general health of the country. So, that's what they do. That's what they did in Germany throughout the 1930s. That was the basic thesis behind what they called "national socialism" [naziism], which was -- from a purely political science point-of-view and in economic analysis -- a system of "state capitalism."

But that's also one of the tenets of this "New World Order."

That's exactly right!

People should understand where it's coming from. The same architects of this old capitalist system are now the architects of this new capitalist system [the New World Order].

Daniel Sheehan, I want to thank you very much for sharing insights with us, as always, lucid and in-depth. And I appreciate your participation. Could you please give us the phone number of the Christic Institute?

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Editor's note: The New World Order is promulgated by certain people, people who do not care about human life or the planet. Stay with me to learn who those people are.


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