Pacifica Board Member Arrested at Houston Station

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October 9, 2001 Pacifica Campaign

Pacifica Board Member Arrested at Houston Station
Reign of Mismanagement and Chaos Continues at Network

Call 713-526-KPFT today! That's 713-526-5738!

1) Register Your Protest On the Arrest of KPFT Local Advisory Board Member Teresa Allen
2) During this Fall Fund Drive, Let KPFT Know That You Will Boycott the Station and the Network Until Democratic Accountability is Restored at Pacifica
3) Demand the Return of Democracy Now! to KPFT's Airwaves

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Please call as many times as you feel necessary to have your point of view heard. Call every day this week. Please be polite.

Teresa Allen, a member of radio station KPFT's Local Advisory Board (LAB), was arrested at Pacifica station KPFT in Houston Saturday night (October 6) when she went to check on the status of the ongoing fundraising drive.

Teresa has been a regular unrestricted visitor to the station in her role as an official member of the federally-mandated and sanctioned LAB. When she stopped by KPFT Saturday, Teresa was denied entrance and then arrested by Houston police for "criminal trespass" at the insistence of Molly O'Brien. Ms. O'Brien is the wife of station manager Garland Ganter and formerly Development Director at KPFT but she has since left the station's employ.

Teresa Allen was released on a $500 bond Sunday, according to the Houston Chronicle.

This is the second time that Molly O'Brien has forced the arrest of a KPFT listener. In March, she and station manager Garland Ganter pressed two assault charges against KPFT listener, Edwin Johnston. Both of these charges were thrown out of court, but not before Pacifica Executive Director Bessie Wash had falsely accused the Pacifica Campaign of fomenting violence.


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