Amy Goodman Personifies the Pacifica Mission

by Paul Surovell

Amy Goodman, more than any other person on or off the air, personifies Pacifica and the Pacifica mission.

Amy and Democracy Now! were always the main targets of the usurpers and the mainstreamers.

Amy broke the gag order every day with her announcement, "reporting from the studios of the fired and banned..." She persisted courageously -- despite ugly threats and on-air vilification -- until it became physically impossible to continue to broadcast.

At the Crystal City meeting, Amy said she would very much like to return to a Pacifica without a gag rule, and to report on the crisis and the listener movement.  Bernard White expressed support for this on his weekly cable show two weeks ago.

Some of the sniping taking place against Amy on this board is ill-informed and ill-advised.  But some of the sniping is merely the latest instance of long-held animus toward the "old regime" of Amy, Bernard, Valerie and Samori, and most of the fired and banned.

Editor's note: Samori Marksman was the General Manager of WBAI before his untimely death. Bernard White was the General Manager of WBAI and producer of Wake Up Call, the early morning program on WBAI. Valerie Van Isler was the General Manager at WBAI who was told that she should report to and work at headquarters in Washington DC.

Paul Surovell is the moderator of the New Pacifica Working Group
'Save Our Stations!'


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