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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,

You don't know me and I really don't know you, but I read that blog spot or whatever when I typed in Christopher Bollyn on google. I talk to Eric Hufschmid regularly and think very highly of this brilliant chap. He is intelligent, thoughtful, logical and a very decent person. He has been vilified something very big and as a full blooded Armenian, born and raised in Calcutta India, I feel this man should be made President of the World. That's how highly I think of this original 911 researcher. Before I forget, it was Crypto Jews that annihilated the Armenians and not the bonafide Turks. Research Jack Manuelian about this. But I also communicate with another great individual that was treated very shabbily at the American Free Press Meeting, and he will tell you the real truth about the owner Willis Carto.This paper has slowly been bought and paid for by Ashkenazi Khazar fake Jews; these people are NOT Semites (sons and daughters of Shem) they are Turkic Mongols and Kamal Pasha and the other Scottish Rite Freemasons infiltrated by Rothschild money lending shills who were the leaders of the so called "Young Turks" who ordered Armenians massacred and blamed it on the Turks. They disguised themselves as Turks. Listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech at Eric's sites, and and Daryl Bradford Smith's and of course read Secrets of the Federal Reserve by my friend Eustace Mullins.

Editor's note: That speech by Benjamin Freedman is probably the one that I published at <>, and I am also well aware and have published Eustace Mullins' information he was given by Ezra Pound on the Federal Reserve in one of my editions.

Now, I'm happy that Christopher Bollyn has quit that Vipers den of controlled Zionists. Listen; talk to Eustace Mullins and he will enlighten you. Wake up. Michael Collins Piper, WingTv and almost all the 911 so called un-truth movements, including the Antiwar groups,, AnswerCoalition, United for Peace and Justice are all Zionist controlled, so are the gatekeepers Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Pacifica Radio, David Ray Griffin, Webster Tarpley, and now recently William Rodriguez who got bought and paid for by these paper fake money Zionist Ashkenazi "European Jews."

Editor's note: I'm fully awake. Michael Collins Piper did, however, expose that one of the reasons why JFK was assassinated was because he refused to allow the Israeli government to have nuclear weapons, and Amy Goodman exposed what the FBI's COINTELPRO does to people such as me, one of whom is no longer alive because he tried to write a book about his knowledge, but the FBI found out so had him eliminated instead, so she is not all bad. My second book resulted because of Amy Goodman's expose which aired on June 5, 2002 on Democracy Now! About 16 copies of that book were stolen by U.S. Customs when I tried to send them to Ohio from Canada where I lived at that time. Noam Chomsky is a charleton. He could have helped me, but chose not to do so.

Listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech, Myron Fagan's speech, Jack Bernstein's articles about Israel and wake up. Go to Daryl B. Smith's site, and many other spots on the Net.

Now I have been an Intactivist (against Male and Female Circumcision) for over 30 years, and attended the first two International Symposiums on Circumcision, and I believe this is where violence and greed originate. The Jews duped the Khazars in 740 AD to convert to Judaism, and duped us Armenians to convert to Christianity in 301 AD, both big mistakes, yet the Khazars ran with the ball, so to speak and these Khazars proliferated into Poland, Lithuania, Rumania, Ukraine and eventually a whole bunch came to NEW YORK and elsewhere. They have been at this money lending racket for thousands of years. They print money out of thin air.

Editor's note: I have always suspected that these people have maintained a money lending racket for thousands of years.

Now I too was duped by WingTV and at one point had purchased their 911 on Trial (20 copies) and gave to many people free, and almost idolized them. I used to telephone and chat with them but guess what they, specifically Lisa Guliani arrogantly told me "I had my 3 sons done (meaning Circumcised) and Thorn said why should I concern myself with a "piece of skin" and about "penises." If you are not educated about this read about this by NON Zionists in the best book on Male Genital Mutilation (as it's really no longer called Circumcision) go to and learn what male circumcision does to every woman's sex life! Duh...Now, these uncaring people have the nerve and the gall to call Chris Bollyn a child molester and child abuser. Only a Jewish woman would so proudly proclaim her love for circumcision. She told me several times, why don't you get your own show, we can't be bothered with your shit about penises.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "If we want real peace, we have to begin with the children." Dr. Karl Menninger MD said, "What we do to our children, they will do to society." Now, who is fighting mostly in the Middle east. Highly circumcised cultures, the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians...duh There is your David Ray Griffin and all the other fake religionists depend on a healthy tax free stipend from the fake Federal Reserve Bank; its called 4013C Tax free status of these fake people. Now do you know why John Lennon wrote his song God, and Working Class Heroes?

Editor's note: The gentleman who initiated is one of my supporters.

The best show on 911 is 911 Mysteries by Sophia, and Eric Hufschmids Painful Questions and Painful Deceptions DVD.

Now, wake up and smell the DU (Depleted Uranium) which has 100% saturated for a 1000 mile radius from Kabul and Baghdad. Which means all of Armenia, Greece, Israel, and North of New Delhi in India. and if Iran happens we are all F..ked...!!

And then for the real truth type in BURT SHIVA on Google.

Thanks but no thanks.

Leon Catchatoorian
October 19, 2006


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