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By Panela Schuffert
August 14, 2006




For years, while studying the Russian language and performing Christian missionary work, I have worked among the Russian/Ukrainian immigrants that fill our cities and all 50 states. While many are honest immigrants here for varying puposes (education, dissidents, etc.) there are also genuine spies sent here to undermine our nation and to recruit OTHER Russian immigrants, Americans, etc., to work for them.

The common Russian term for a KGB SPY is "ROBOTNIK" or plural "ROBOTNIKI." "ROBOTA" is the Russian word for WORK, hence a worker is "ROBOTNIK."

The actual proper Russian word for SPY is "SHPION" or "SHPIONKA" (nasc/fem). The code word for Russian intelligence that eliminates enemy spies is "SMERSH," which combines the Russian words for "DEATH" ("Smert") and "SHPIONAM" ( SPYS").

In OTHER words, the Russian code name "SMERSH" means "the elimination of spies," combining the beginning of SMERT with the beginning of SHPIONAM.

While as a Christian I am certainly NOT advocating death to anyone, including Russian and enemy spies, I am certainly advocating their elimination from our nation. I have personally met more than one, and discovered from pro-America Russian contacts how much damage these people can do to our nation, and to individuals in our nation as well. Many are linked with the deadly and utterly corrupt RUSSIAN MAFIA.

Among other things, the RUSSIAN MAFIA deals with CONTERFEITING AMERICAN CURRANCY, DRUGS, the WHITE SLAVE TRADE (abducting young American teens, especially girls, and selling them on the black market overseas, etc.) and much more.

In spending time in Christian fellowship with my Russian Christian contacts, who are here for religious freedom in America, I have discovered much about RUSSIAN SPIES IN AMERICA...from their own troubling experiences. Russian Jews that I worked among in NYC told me their own harrowoing tales of Russian spy attacks as well.

The Russian Christians (in this case in Washington state) admitted to me that Russian KGB/FSB spies in America are constantly trying to recruit them to work for the Russian government to spy on the American people. My Russian Jewish contacts in NYC also admitted this to me, and that the pressure was often frequent and constant AND violent at times. FOR EXAMPLE:

One Russian Jewish contact told me how, in Brooklyn, NY, he was approached to work for the KGB to spy on Americans. WHEN HE REFUSED angrily, they said, "WE'LL WILL work for us!" He walked away.

A few weeks later, something terrible happened. His two beautiful daughters were riding the elevator to his apartment. It was an older apartment building, with the kind of elevator you could stop at will.

A strange man boarded the elevator with them. BY their own terrified admission, HE THEN PROCEEDED TO TERRORIZE THE two daughters of this man AND RAPE THEM. The KGB operatives returned to the frightened father and said smirkingly, " Now...You WILL work for us...won't you???"

This is one small segment of the shocking news that NEVER makes it to the public sector in America...the kinds of news I specialize in publishing, "THE NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS."

Lots of Russian spies are presently in the USA...even in the form of young summer workers in our National Parks, resorts, etc., as I personally observed. I have met a lot of young Russians/eastern Europeans (Slovakian, Romanian, Polish, etc.)in YELLOWSTONE National Park and in resort areas such as JACKSON, Wyoming, etc.

Having worked among Russians for years in America, I knew that a lot of them were NOT your average kids from Russia/eastern Europe working for a summer job...c'mon! Military crew cuts, muscular body builds (including women) English that is too good, etc....lots of warning signs to look for to detect THE RUSSIAN SPIES AMONG US.

Russian Christian dissidents in America tell me all the time that Russian "robotniki" (KGB/FSB) spies ARE HERE IN LARGE NUMBERS and are always trying to recruit them as "workers" or spies for Russia ("robotniki") to spy on Americans here in America.

IN fact, it is these very same Russian spies who are openly bragging to these dismayed Russian Christians in America,


And sadly, they are correct...even as my ten years of reporting on the coming police state under Martial Law and the NEW WORLD ORDER reveals!

Take the time to quietly watch for the potential spies in YOUR region of America.

They are HERE among us in MANY forms and hidden in many fronts (including but not limited to: foreign ethnic restaurants and delis, businesses, foreign exchange students, summer workers, etc.)...and they will be working AGAINST your freedoms in the future in America.

And sadly, there are those here with the full permission of the US government and miltary, specifically for the purpose of working with them against American Patriots under the coming state of MARTIAL LAW and NWO TYRANNY.

Many of them are secret military (SPETZNAZ) whose TRUE purposes for being in America WILL ONLY BE REVEALED WHEN MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED. By living and working among us, will have been fully conditioned to the American language, customs, and way of life by the time MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED...enabling them to more efficiently carry out their future roles of ENFORCING MARTIAL LAW alongside our American troops and UN/NATO/PfP multinational forces in our nation.

AS foreign troops I previously interviewed have admitted to me, "...your President KNOWS that your American military do NOT want to arrest or fire upon you Americans under Martial Law..but he knows WE FOREIGN TROOPS [in this case, GERMANS] WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!"

Nor will Russians, Chinese, etc. With the betrayal of the American people and their best interests by the very traitors in power now, it behooves WE THE PEOPLE to police our own nation against such forces of future tyranny and darkness to be manifested against the American people under martial law.

-Pamela Schuffert (PART be continued)

American Holocaust

An AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is coming. Pamela Schuffert is a noted author, lecturer and Christian evangelist traveling nationwide and worldwide to investigate and WAKE UP AMERICA and THE CHURCH as to what is to come soon TO OUR NATION AND THE WORLD. ALL of it lines up perfectly with END TIME PROPHECY. ARE YOU READY???

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"For God so Loved the World that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that Whosoever believes in Him shall NOT perish but have Everlasting Life!"-John 3:16

Time is SHORT! Receive Jesus NOW!-Pamela


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