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Lyndon LaRouche detailed in several URLs of articles, that the Israeli government including Ariel Sharon nurtured and financed Palestinian HAMAS and its offshoot Islamic Jihad from its inception, to be an EXTREMIST religious COUNTERFORCE and competitor to Arafat's FATAH party. See


The Pollard Affair is linked to the 9/11 attacks.
See Larouche on Israel at

Speaking in Jerusalem December 20, 2005, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer made the connection between the growth of the Islamic fundamentalist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and Israel's promotion of the Islamic movement as a counter to the Palestinian nationalist movement. Kurtzer's comments come very close to EIR's own presentation of the evidence of Israel's instrumental role in establishing Hamas, and its ongoing control of that organization.

Kurtzer said that the growth of the Islamic movement in the Palestinian territories in recent decades, "with the tacit support of Israel," was "not totally unrelated" to the emergence of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their terrorist attacks against Israel. Kurtzer explained that during the 1980s, when the Islamic movement began to flourish in the West Bank and Gaza, "Israel perceived it to be better to have people turning toward religion rather than toward a nationalistic cause, i.e. the Palestinian Liberation Organization." The Israeli government, therefore, did little to stop the flow of money to mosques and other religious institutions, rather than to schools.


The Likud, the far right in Israel, and the black ops of the Mossad are behind the Intifada. 'Hamas' is part of that ruse. Provided by a NYC supporter, who also stated that Benyamin Netenyahu alluded to it as well as other sources. Very informed Israelis know this and although some serve as apologists for it, still, there is no independent violence there. There are goons that do black bag destruction goon jobs. The Mossad and US hirelings in that region are all doing violence. Never take the media's allegations as to who is responsible for some 'terrorist' act; it may have been paid for by US voter money.


Trotsky was all dialed in to succeed Lenin. He had married a Rothschild cousin and had garnered the approval of the banking elite in Europe and America. However, upon Lenin's death, Trotsky was the victim of a protracted illness. Instead of rallying support and denouncing Stalin, he was bedridden and unable to make one move on his own behalf. Stalin took the reins of power never to let go until he was poisoned in 1953.


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