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True Story

Granddaughter of West African Slave Owners Arusha and Cherokee
Indians Seeks an Investigation of Fraud

By Elvira Williams

What is the solution? I'm the Granddaughter of West African Slave Owners Arusha, and Cherokee Indians. Black sheep uneducated. Lived when the sign read for Black Folk only.

I'm still a Slave living in HUD Housing. I know too well what's going on so much so that it's dangerous to go to a hospital. I was kidnapped two times in one year. Thank God for the cell phone and the reporter at the Broward Times, Elgin Jones. .

I was injected with a toxin for asking a question about then Commissioner Lori Parrish; they also had my Medical turned off for one month; turned my friends and family away from me. My list goes on.

This was proven in court, but no lawyer would take my case. You can check it out yourselves.

Elvira Williams vs. Florida Commission on Human Relations, ET AL.


The Fourth District Court of Appeal

The Lower tribunal case Number is FCHR 05-9, FCHR 23-91453 H, HUD 04-03-0696-8, DOAH 04-2860 case No: 03-17148 Judge J Strertfeld. In this case a City and County Commissioner names come up along with the Ex-president of the NAACP, Bill McCormick, Parrish. No Justice.

Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 Subject: AFPWD Elvira Williams Calls for investigation............housing appeal. Who Can be trusted?

In the Determination sent to me dated June 28, 2004, the allegations attributed to me are incorrect. My primary complaint is not that I was discriminated against on the basis of race and certainly is not that I was discriminated against on the basis of mental disability. I do not have a mental disability.

While racial discrimination may very well be involved in my dismissal from Venice Cove Apartments, the primary contributing factor, and my primary complaint, is that management discriminated against me because of my insistence that I be placed in housing appropriate to my medical needs. In retaliation for my insistence and continued advocacy for the rights of those living in public housing, I was denied admission to Venice Cove Apartments.

After assigning me to three different apartments, the management of Venice Cove grew frustrated with my unwillingness to be housed in substandard conditions. Venice Cove Apartments originally was supportive of my attempt to rent from them, despite my recent eviction, which they understood as unfair and possibly illegal. Only after I insisted that my needs be taken into account when deciding into which unit to place me, did they seek justification for denying me tenancy. For example, after I made it clear that I wished to see the apartment prior to moving in, the management's attitude toward me changed abruptly and unfavorably. When a justification for turning me away was not to be had, Venice Cove Apartments fabricated and distorted my credit so that they could safely refuse me.

After I was rejected from Venice Cove Apartments, I applied to Bridgewater Apartments, which found no issue with either my credit or previous evictions. A year later Bridgewater, where the management of Venice Cove Apartments worked before coming to Venice Cove, refused to renew my lease without cause? Bridgewater evicted me.

As a woman on disability and with both a medical condition and medically documented aggravated sensitivity toward mold and other contaminants, I belong to a protected class.

I was told by Venice Cove that I was qualified to rent from them until I advocated on my own behalf for a apartment consistent with my needs. I was ready, willing, and able.

I attempted to rent consistent with the terms of Venice Cove while remaining aware of and asserting my own rights to fair and healthy living conditions.

Venice Cove must not refuse to provide fair living conditions if they are certified to receive public housing applicants, but Venice Cove did refuse this to me.

If Venice Cove fails to provide fair living conditions to all that live within the apartment complex, Venice Cove would no longer be certified by public housing. In that Venice Cove was certified, Venice Cove must have sought to show that they do conform to fair living conditions as stipulated by public housing, which would require that they offer housing which was denied to me on account of my refusal to be housed in contradiction to my reasonable and demonstrable needs. During this time my Medical was also terminated for one month? V Brown was my worker who had to get my medical back! Sudden Change?

It was the President of the NAACP, Bill McCormick, who said this was discrimination, but who has now changed his mind. There are other questions to follow, such as the word "mental." Another is Ron Mills? He lives with my best friend who I have known for over 25 years! My landlord was his boss!!!!

My friend, Marvin, said, "What's going on?"

This letter also said Krissy Parrish had knowledge of my so called mental and physical disability. Question mark on the Mental part? Well all I can say is thank God that Supervisor of Elections, Oliphant, has protection from these people. Bill McCormick was to go against her but didn't ultimately. They perpetrated fraud on my credit over the mold issue.

Please investigate.

1. Tennis Club 2: 701 NW 19th Street, Venice, FL 33311 Registered Agent Meloni. Edo, Fein & Meloni Officer & Director Gene, Lofley

2. Venice Cove: 729 NW 19th Street, Venice, FL 33311

3. Spring House Apartments: Rock Island Road?

4. Bridgewater Place: 2700 NW 44 Street, Venice, FL 33309 (954-742-3680) Fax:954-742-9445 Where's my money?

5. Florida Rent finders : 954-776-1350???

6. BoardWalk Apartments: Lynn Bruni??? They never let me see the apartment just as Venice Cove didn't.

7. NAACP Bill McCormick now Ex pRESIDENT OF THE NAACP Fort Lauderdale, Florida

8. Legal aid

9. The Yellow House on 6th Avenue I went to move in there, but the locks had been changed. Florida Rent Finders did that.

10. In Court, Commissioner Carlton Moore's name came up. Fraud on my Credit and had my Medical turned off.

11. On September 15, 2003 the County Placed me in a hotel with Legal aid as my Attorney. I ended up homeless for 3 months

12. I was kidnapped from my hospital bed at Broward General Hospital after toxin was put in my stomach and intravenous tube. Where was my doctor? Who was that Nurse Lori Parrish's daughter? Long story.

13. Toxin was spread through my window. It was so bad I couldn't see 8 surgeons. Look at my eyes. Toxin is in the paper work. I can't get a lawyer!?


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