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New Information on Pentagon Attack

See this Web site; turn on your speakers. Just one piece from this incredible Web site is "I could smell the cordite. I knew explosives had been set off somewhere." Don Perkal <>

One prisoner at the Florence Colorado ADX, who sent documents to warn the government by registered certified mail, to folks like Senator Wellstone before he died. I have the documents.

Professor Jones at BYU and a few others exposed the thermite/thermate evidence.

Barbara Honegger, a military journalist on staff at the Naval Postgraduate School, presents eye-witness and ear-witness accounts of bombs (explosives) at the WTC and Pentagon. In the case of Pentagon, the clocks on the walls are also witnesses because they were stopped by the bombs 5 minutes before a plane struck. That is the smoking gun. One motive she puts forward for the Pentagon bombing is that an amazing sum of $2.3 TRILLION had gone AWOL (away without leave) according to a Rumsfeld press conference the day before, and the bombs were intended to destroy the computers carrying the information to thwart the audit which was underway.

Honegger also suggests that one diversion for the AWOL funds may have been the next generation of remote and robotically controlled aircraft, and that technology was used, she says, in the WTC aircraft attaks. She reasons that it must have been an inside job because nobody else could get access to the WTC and certainly not the Pentagon. Moreover, those insiders must have had control of the aircraft to time as exactly as possible, the collision with buildings.

There were plenty of opportunities to plant bombs in the World Trade Center. For example:

Bomb-sniffing dogs were inexplicably removed from the Twin Towers five days before 9/11

The Twin Towers had been evacuated a number of times in the weeks preceding 9/11

There was a power down in the Twin Towers on the weekend before 9/11, security cameras were shut down, and many workers ran around busily doing things unobserved.

Editor's note: My understanding is that bombs were planted on the Friday prior to 9/11, which was a Tuesday.

An interesting coincidence -- a Bush-linked company ran security at the trade centers, thus giving it free reign to the buildings.

These are just a few of the known, public examples of opportunities to plant bombs. There were undoubtedly many additional opportunities available to skilled operatives."

In addition to these facts, demolition and building collapse experts have purportedly raised the possibility of "explosive tenants" i.e. tenants in the World Trade Centers who planted bombs in their own, rented space. For example, according to Webster Tarpley and others, Hugo Bachmann, professor emeritus of building dynamics and earthquake engineering at the world-famous Swiss Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich:

"In the second scenario, an additional terrorist action would have caused the collapse of the buildings. In this way, according to Bachmann, buildings like the World Trade Center can be destroyed without great logistical exertion." The article went on to say that "Bachmann could imagine that the perpetrators had installed explosives on key supports in a lower floor before the attack." If the perpetrators had rented office space, then these "explosive tenants" could have calmly placed explosive charges on the vulnerable parts of the building "without having anyone notice."

There are prisoners who knew it was going to happen before it ever happened; those who speak of it usually tend to find themselves being sent away for life. A woman, who also investigated this and has also seen the proof, was attacked and strangled and left for dead. She survived.


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