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Danner and Yoo ("Mr. Torture") Debate Wars on Terror and Iraq, May 02/05

Yoo directly influenced US torture policy. Danner unmasked US torture.

By JUDITH SCHERR, Berkeley Daily Planet
May 6, 2005

Prisoners in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraq have been hooded, isolated, humiliated, injured, made to feel hopeless and close to death. Mark Danner, UC Berkeley journalism professor, says such treatment is systemic, a flagrant violation of rules of war and morality and the fault of "policy makers in the department of justice, policy makers including Professor (John) Yoo, policy makers in the Department of Defense (and) policy makers in the White House."

On the other hand, John Yoo, Boalt Law School professor and former deputy assistant attorney general, argues that in today's extraordinary war on terror, new rules of combat must apply.

Yoo, Danner, and Tom Farer, dean of the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, spoke on a panel Monday evening at the law school, moderated by Harry Kreisler, executive director of the Institute of International Studies.

Editor's note: We must know who the terrorists are in actuality; when we know that, then we will also know that the "War on Terror" is a farce.


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