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Guard video shows harsh war scenes

By John Pacenti, Jennifer Sorentrue, Nirvi Shah
Palm Beach Post Staff Writers
March 06, 2005

See graphic VIDEO/story!: Guard video shows harsh war scenes, racism towards the people the US is supposedly there to liberate.

A soldier-shot video that triggered an Army investigation of a West Palm Beach-based National Guard unit captures the disturbing reality of the Iraq war, but little evidence of the sort of abuse documented at the Abu Ghraib prison.

A copy of the video, obtained Saturday by The Palm Beach Post, is a crudely edited documentary titled Ramadi Madness and The Haj Files. Its existence was made public Friday when 1,200 pages of documents were released by the Army in response to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The military however, declined to release the video, which runs just under 27 minutes.

Editor's note: Technically, this is not top secret history since the Palm Beach Post published this information, but by my reprinting this information, not only am I able to thank the Palm Beach Post for exposing it, but you may learn about it as well.


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