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As Americans, we are told that we have a democracy, but those of you who have been desirous to know the truth and so have been dilegently reading these editions, know that what we have is anything but a democracy. Now, it is a tyranny, and with tyranny comes torture.

Thank you to all the brave people who have documented American torture in all of its various forms as now in this edition, they will be acknowledged.

This is the last edition in which I plan to carry out proof. Beginning with the March 2007 edition, this publication will assume a format not unlike that of a newspaper. It is my feeling that the people who read The Journal of History/La verdad sobre la democracia understand that what I publish is true, so beginning with the 25th edition, articles that you don't read in the mainstream news media will be able to be read within these pages.

As Editor-In-Chief of this publication, I hope that this meets with your approval, and I hope that you will find all the articles of sufficient interest that you will read them all instead of choosing selected articles.


Arlene Johnson Editor-In_Chief


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