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UK Big Brother Has Eye On ID Card Refusniks
Eliminates opportunity for stay of execution

Any UK citizen who refuses to be marked as cattle of the state and carry a NATIONAL ID CARD must leave the country before 2008 or face FINES and prison terms as the government cracks down on refusniks [refusing to accept a National ID card].

Up until now Britons were able to renew their passports for periods of ten years at any time. This meant that many (including me) were planning to renew right before it became compulsory to be issued with an ID card when renewing your passport in 2008, giving us ten years of ID free life.

The government has put the brakes on such tactics by simply announcing, with no debate or legislation, that passports can now only be renewed 9 months in advance.

Today's Register piece anticipates that an entire propaganda campaign has already been carefully prepared to target anyone considering becoming an ID card refusnik.

Highly publicized POLICE CRACKDOWNS and arrests of people who intentionally lose or destroy their passports before the 2008 ID deadline will be made to frighten people into submission.

The legislation already states that if you lose your ID card you will have to immediately report it to the government or face a GBP 1000 fine.

Government council spies have already been deployed in Scotland to follow smokers who flout the new law to their own homes and then notify the police. Will the same tattle-tale squads be used to target refusniks?

But the ID card will still be voluntary!

You just won't be able to leave the country, own a house or a car, have a doctor, a bank account, a mobile phone, get an education, own a business, rent a room in a hotel, or have a job. You won't officially be authorized to live or die. But it's still voluntary! Oh, and did we mention your iris scan will still be in the national database anyway?

When ID cards were introduced in the UK during World War II, they had three functions. By the time they were abolished in 1952 they had 39 administrative uses. What else is going to be added?

Political persuasion? Day to day activities? Likes? Dislikes? Thoughts?

The Nazis used the earliest ID card technology, the IBM punch card model, to catalogue and compile a database of subversives, homosexuals, gypsies, and Jews before the "round ups" began.

The British government is unrelenting in its role to impose the ID card program as a key cornerstone of the worldwide tracking, surveillance, and control grid, but it will have to throw millions of refusniks in jail who will reject high-tech slavery to the bitter end.

The only question is whether they will do it incrementally or stage their own night of the long knives and rapidly enforce a crackdown en masse, a move that could easily backfire and lead to the collapse of the entire stinking infrastructure.

Thanks goes to P. Watson for the above article. Ayoc's MailDropNetwork - Privacy Newsletter - Mid - April 2006 Issue


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