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America's Concerns

A Critical Revelation Concerning the USA Imminent UN operations

Provided by Alexander B. Cuppett
US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Retired)
366 Graves Mill Rd
Madison, VA 22727
24 May 2006)

Subject: A Critical Revelation Concerning the USA - Imminent UN operations now a perilous threat to "born again" US Christians and Jews

First of all, since it pertains, let's look at a "secular issue" regarding the upcoming "International Action Network on Small Arms" (IANSA) conference which the UN is holding with 191 nations from 26 June - July 2006. Folks, what happens as a result of this meeting could be "hazardous to your health;" literally!

What could happen is that if the US fails to go along with the other 189 -190 nations, and a binding "global treaty" is passed, the US could become a "rogue nation." Moreover, depending on resolutions passed during the IANSA conference, this could mean that US gun owners might be subject to arrest if caught outside the USA; e.g., in any of the other "signatory" countries! However, with such a resolution having passed the N.W.O and/or UN military police structure now in place in the US, this could mean immediate arrest in the US!!! Think people! Don't you remember the report of a UN Special Operations Forces' (SOFOR) vehicle being reported operating in West Virginia. They are here now! The US is crawling with UN cops and troops!


On the 22nd I was moved to call my dear Brother Bob, who has been 100 percent right the entire 10 years I have known him. Upon answering my call he said, "I told the Lord if I was to reveal this vision that you must call me on the 22nd; not the 23rd, or 24th," but Monday the 22nd!" Well, I had not spoken with him for 5 weeks but I called him that day! The "fleece" proved correct. Here is what the Holy Ghost, from the Father in heaven showed him regarding the coming months: Be advised, Bob is an ardent supporter of Israel and the Jewish people, wherever they may be.

From the Holy Spirit: "There will be a gun collection and it may start a civil war. Open warfare will happen, and international police and troops will participate against US citizens." This has been prophesied as far back as 1995. Again the "SOFOR" vehicle's presence on 24 April 06 now becomes very relevant!

"The UN wants to enforce a world wide banning/collection of small arms." Recently, Kofi Anan said "We are not to fear socialism, communism, etc, rather, we fear "direct democracy." Why? Well, last year, apparently as a "pilot program," the UN tried to get Brazil's voters to go along with the gun collection program; but they "directly" voted "NO!" The consensus was "If we give up our guns the banditos will then have all the guns." Hence, the UN is now demonizing voters who bucked the program. Not only will banditos have the only guns but the UN cops/troops will have them too. That is the real problem, not the banditos! The UN has now called the IANSA conference of the 191 nations to bring about the banning and collection of private firearms.

The Holy Spirit revealed, "There are UN police teams, known as 'Posses' soon to operate, in dark blue, almost black uniforms. Their web gear, holsters, helmets, balaclava masks, etc, are also black; and the uniforms made of Nomex and are lined with Kevlar." This is in line with the 'knit Kevlar body suits' we discovered back in 1996 in Iowa.

Posse weapons appear to be "modified" MP-5s; i.e., "modified to employ a special magazine which has three 'feed chambers;' each holding different purpose bullets, which can be quickly switched to meet operational requirements against the 'target population.'"

The first "feeder" has cartridges with "blue tips" which expand causing maximum damage to human tissue. This is characteristic of the US/NATO 5.6mm or .223 cal M-16 ammunition which is designed to "tumble" upon impact, thus, causing massive tissue/bone damage. Moreover, the Posse members carry knives that have poison applied to the blade.

The second feeder is loaded with a high velocity Armor Piercing (AP) tip, with white phosphorus present within the projectile.

The third feeder has bullets with poisonous tips. Upon impact the target will, within seconds, start foaming at the mouth and bleeding from every orifice in the body.

The "Posse" members are as highly trained as Navy seals/Soviet Spetznas troops. The individuals are both men and women who, in the case of the males, have had their testosterone hormones altered to effectively be "changed medically." This makes them behave as brute beasts. Their disposition is then one of only anger to out-of-control rage. Over 20 years ago Chick Publications published a cartoon tract entitled, "The Last Generation," wherein the New World Order operatives were diabolically motivated, and wore black, futuristic uniforms. They sought out born again Believers in Jesus," and also, as "Healers," attempted to re-educate the children. The Chick-depicted UN operatives are obviously here, now as I have been warning for 12 years. These are also the "hunters" of Jer. 16:16!! US Jews are about to suffer greatly also. Bob was unaware of the Chick tract.

The "Posse" teams will operate in 2-4-6-and 8 person "sticks." Composition will be 50 percent male and 50 percent female. They operate normally in groups of two or four, but may also work at times with 6 and 8 person teams. Their anger feeds corporately as in "bestial," such as in the case of two dogs together urging each other on. As far back as 1994 we learned of such "teams" operating at the old INSCOM base at "Arlington Hall Station, VA." There the "co-ed" operatives, armed, in black uniforms, were already interrogating selected citizens from a big list; and they were mean devils! The one guy taken there came home so scared he bought a gun! He lives near Culpeper, Virginia. Also, my Prophecy Club video, "Straight from the Joint Chiefs," featured this facility in 1998. This is/was the "Department of State Foreign Training Center."

The Posses can go for days without normal food and carry some type of liquid substitute that supplies their sustenance requirements during their various assignments; i.e., some sort of high tech Gatorade.

The Posses are fed well and cared for so they will not retaliate against their superiors. They are given every physical "benefit" known to modern society.

Posse interrogation techniques are designed to eventually kill the prisoner; death always being the end result. These Posses already are in-place to operate globally, i.e., they are now in most countries, and can speak two to five languages. They are actually "possessed" and can perform "remote viewing," which is done with satanic spirits or "guide spirits." This makes it near-impossible for them not to find their prey if the "target" is without Divine protection/shielding.

The Posse team members will be designated as follows. A two person team will be "Maverick One" and "Jezebel One." They do not use names, only call signs, as in "J-One" and "M-One." If there are four operating they will be: "M-One" and "J-One" and "M-Two" and "J-Two." In the event of death or incapacitation they have replacements on stand by. The teams are now globally in-place." Again, this most surely explains the secretive base recently built in Israel.

Certain people in Israel are targeted for elimination. The Mossad will be surprised completely as many high ranking people are now targeted. Israel and US operations are planned to be executed concurrently.

Kofi Anan is being used by the UN to accomplish globalist goals. There is a plan to eliminate most current UN leaders and replace them with "special operatives." This is what happened in Nazi Germany. The Strumabteilung (SA) Brown Shirts were replaced with the SS and the Gestapo. The SS was guided by satanic power, and actually, periodically, met in old castles to worship Satan.

Furthermore, all individuals connected with this [2006 operation] are trained to think the same way. Their success is dependent upon them reporting directly to Lucifer. This concept is not new. It has been going on for centuries. The individuals will have "guide spirits" and will actually be an 'embedded intersanctum' for [planned] world dominion.

These people plan to operate forever. Unfortunately, until the Lord Jesus Christ returns and establishes his millennial reign there will be evil upon evil and madness upon madness, as the world has never seen. Evil will become good, and goodness will become evil [as the scriptures have prophesied.] Note that the "Mavericks" (males) will be sadistic rapists. The Jezebels will thrive on the torture of their victims.

Chemical injections will be used for interrogations. Many victims will be used for experimentation; others will be injected with pernicious diseases and released, thinking they are free to go back to their families/communities. However, they will discover they have been diseased and when a pandemic occurs the UN will declare that the town or area must be "sanitized." The use of fuel-air-cell bombs will be used to accomplish this, thus cleansing the land. Local leaders will agree to the "sanitation process" since this will save the rest of the country from the pandemic(s).

The "Israel Operation" [not possible to be revealed herein] is being staged to facilitate the arrival of the anti-Christ. He has a solution to solve the Temple Mount issue, wherein Jews and Arabs will be betrayed and/or tricked. We know this to be scripturally prophetic.

More from the Holy Ghost: If Hillary becomes President she would [immediately] order all of the above horrors to be executed in the USA. I have warned you all of this woman for many years. Hillary and Bill are the "darlings" of the New World Order. However, if Hillary comes to power, in any manner, she will be stricken with a horrific cancer which will be so traumatically painful that no known treatment will alleviate the pain. Cancer will never leave her family. If she is elected or comes to power she will be diagnosed with this horrible disease and will exit this world screaming in excruciating pain.

Russia and North Korea will also be involved in the scenario. The President of North Korea is a literal madman. Furthermore, the dictators of various nations will go along with these UN operations, as they have a desire for power, and will be promised such under the coming [planned] regime.

This is scheduled to happen before the end of August 2006; unless there is a miraculous move of the Lord before then. This correlates with the recent "flag officer" report of 320,000 UN troops being staged in the Washington, DC area between now and the end of August! A cataclysmic natural disaster might delay the "UN pain!!"

Kofi Anan was "seen" to be worshipping surrounded by candles. He was not worshipping the Lord God Almighty. This worship with candle burning opens him up to satanic possession to be used in the part the New World Order that the Illuminati want him to play.

Many saints of the Lord (born again Believers in Jesus) will be weeping as they are sent to concentration camps because they had heard the warnings but they did not listen to the Lord's voice. I have warned of this for years in the "natural." The detention camps will feature minimal starvation diets, with people dying in emaciated states. Families are to be divided just as the SS did from 1938 to 1945. Kids will be sent to "academic classes" to be reeducated and indoctrinated. Women were seen weeping as children were torn from their grasp. The men were as stunned sheep, walking without purpose or fortitude.

Many born again Believers will cry because they saw but did not see, and they knew but denied the knowledge thereof. Millions of nominal Christians in the camps were weeping. There will be slave labor and both men and women will be forced into sexual slavery.

Finally, the Lord God does not want this to happen, because he made promises to the Founders of this Nation. However, unless there is immediate repentance we shall very soon come under the booted heel of the UN police, known as the "Posses." I know of others who have had visions of this scenario.

End of revelation:

Folks, already many of Bob's prophecies have to come to pass since 1996. The others await their "time." Believe me they do. He has never missed with what the "Father" in heaven has shown him. NEVER!

I did not send this to Orthodox/observing Jewish folks. I am hesitating, yet, praying about it now. I am afraid this will scare some Believers in the USA!! I shall send it selectively later on to my Jewish friends. I sent this to born again believers and those who are Messianic Jews.

I reserve the right to hold the very sensitive "Israel Annex" until we see if something can be done to advise those in "honorable" authority. If it looks as though time is running out, or the Lord directs me to send it, then I will do so.


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