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EDM 92 -- ANIMAL TESTING OF DRUGS -- make sure your MP signs it.

Please write to your MP to urge them to sign EDM 92 'Animal Testing of Drugs' calling for a scientific evaluation of animal testing, which will make an important contribution towards safeguarding human health and safety and saving countless non-human lives. The EDM has been tabled by Mike Hancock MP with Europeans for Medical Progress and could result in wholesale changes to the way drugs are tested for safety (and more besides!) if enough MPs support it.

The EDM 92 states: "That this House, in common with Europeans for Medical Progress, expresses its concerns regarding the safeguarding of public health through data obtained from laboratory animals, particularly in light of large numbers of serious and fatal adverse drug reactions that I have not predicted by animal sites; is Surprised that the Government has not commissioned or evaluated any formal research on the efficacy of animal experiments, and has no plans to do so; and, in common with 83 per cent of general practitioners in a recent survey, calls upon the Government to facilitate an independent and transparent scientific evaluation of the use of animals as surrogate humans in drug safety testing and medical research."

You can find out who your MP is at or by telephoning the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272. You can see whether your MP has already signed EDM 92 at You can write to your MP at House of Commons, London, SW 1 A OAA; or by fax - for free - see

Please note the new contact details for Europeans for Medical Progress:

PO Box 38604
London W13 OYR
Tel: 020 8997 1265

The campaign to stop the Oxford animal lab has continued to gather momentum and support and SPEAK will continue to fight Oxford University and all those who are seeking to profit from building the new animal torture lab until they abandon the project.

Our main strength lies with the activists who give their time and energy in so many ways to the cause of animal liberation but we also desperately need funds so that we can continue this vital campaign. Can you help us ensure that SPEAK remains an effective voice for the animals so that together we can STOP THE OXFORD ANIMAL LAB?

You could help SPEAK by doing a stall, which has two advantages: it informs the public about the moral and scientific arguments against vivisection and helps raise the funds we desperately need to fight the abusers. If any groups or individuals are able to do a stall for SPEAK, please contact us and we will supply you with leaflets and posters.

Thank You.


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