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The truth is out there -- A lesson from History

Part c

having their eyes stitched closed but this had not been caught on film; the footage at Park Farm had been restricted to film of monkeys cowering in cramped dirty cages in darkened rooms. More evidence was needed. CALL wanted those entering the lab to fikn and photograph for an hour recording the mutilations and awful suffering. Although filming was descovered by security and the plan had to be abandoned, some disturbing images did emerge. Rats being used in kidney experiments were totally immobilised in restraining tubes. They were unable to move and had bloody catheters and tubes protruding from their sides. The vivisector responsible had presumably knocked off work and gone home without a moment's thought for the tormented animals he was leaving behind, in readiness for him to continue abusing them the following morning when he returned-

Despite the release of all this evidence, and that gathered during subsequent undercover investigations, the well-oiled machinery turned and the University's squeaky-clean image soon recovered. All was forgotten and forgiven.

Except it wasn't. Not by everyone.

Those campaigning against Oxford University's vivisection expansion are here not just because of the animals that are suffering behind the Spires' historic facade now; we're here to stop animals suffering in the future at Oxford University and beyond, and we're here because of all the animals that have died there in the past - the nameless, countless thousands of monkeys, rats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and who knows what else, whose blood has been spilled in the pursuit of knowledge and gain.

We live in a society that awards grants and bestows honours on those who flout the law yet go unpunished, who gain accolades for inflicting extreme suffering on animals inside laboratories, who maim and butcher them in the name of medical advancement, and who deceive the people they are allegedly here to serve. We live in a society where truth, apparently, is worthless, where the dissemination of truth is criminalised, and where those fighting for greater enlightenment and compassion are vilified and forced to pursue methods that bypass the 'law' in order to be heard. The truth is out there - you just have to listen...


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