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When most people think of animals, they think of their pets and how much they love and appreciate them for the loving beings that we have. They don't usually, however, think of the thousands of animals which are used in experiments and testing most of all because it is too painful. But the animals you will see in this edition need our help to overcome their misfortune especially since they can't speak for themselves. Their tormentors use these unfortunate creatures to obtain grants, and may not even know that the experiments do not benefit mankind whatsoever.

The universities will tell you that the experiments that are performed on monkeys down to rats benefit medical research, but this edition will prove that this is not true.

Then, we have two delightful true stories about animals as well.

This edition is unique because of the rampant experimentation undergoing in both the UK and the United States. So we will send, by Email if desired, the Demand for the Government page to the Speaker of the House and then Email the Demands for the British government to Prime Minister Tony Blair in the United Kingdom.

My profound thanks and appreciation to SPEAK, the British activists I met at Oxford, England for providing me with much documented literature with which to create this edition. These passionate people are a breed apart from most of us, and I applaud them. They stated when I met them that they sometimes must leave at a moment's notice because they would be arrested if they remained in their spot in Oxford. Just imagine the stress for these people who never know what the authorities will do from one minute to another--all because they understand and fight for the rights of innocent animals.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, I applaud you. Let's see if we all can be. If you read the part, which I encourage you to do, you might consider turning into a vegetarian too. There are many ways of obtaining protein without eating a chicken, beef, pork, or fish meal, and there are recipes galore which will tempt your palate too and the resource in this edition with which to contact to start your own vegetarian recipe book.

This was one of the most heartwrenching editions that I have ever compiled, and all because as the animal lover I am, who has been blessed with birds who provided me with so much glee over the years, it pained me to see what is being done to our animal friends. Please don't forsake them by ignoring this edition. They need us to advocate for them since they can't.


Arlene Johnson



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