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Illegal Conveyance of Deeds Will Cost

By D'Anne Burley

The wealthy suburban Community of DuPage is waking up to a major fraud Case. This involves many within the County's top office of the State's Attorney, the Attorney General, and others who are seeking repeat terms in State Elections.

"They have turned their backs on us for years," said a senior who was a victim of this!

The issue is the alleged fraudulent use of Hidden Property Conveyances within Administrative deeds which is the cause of great alarm amongst the elderly. "Within probate court, they just take the property away from you without any right to due process of law" another man told me. There is a 7 day story being covered by the LA Times of this type of Corruption, but who would have thought that it could happen right in our Suburban Community?!

They pray on the elderly who purchased their home for under $30,000 many years ago, because now the same home is valued at over $300,000. "They can just take it with an administrative deed which is being allowed within the courts in some cases" another man told me who was defrauded.

Many are forced into health related rehabilatation centers and/or homes for the aged so alleged corrupt officials will be able to steal their property right from under their noses without any objection from the County's investigative unit of the Office of the States Attorney run by Joe Birkett who is currently seeking the office of Lt. Governor of the State.

"What makes the matter worse" stated one man, "many who had placed grievances before the office of Joe Birkett and the office of the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, have received no response other than that they do not handle these types of cases, but if you go anywhere else they refer you right back to them."

Vern stated, "I was ill with cancer; my mother and wife's deaths [were] very close together when I was taken and controlled by government-backed recovery services within DuPage.

My mother's home was valuable, and they took it and stole over $200,000 in personal property and effects before the County demolished the family home which was willed to me.

I had contacted many offices including Senators and Congressman within the area and not one would assist me, then I checked into this and found that this is part of a major conspiracy against the elderly and those who are handicapped."

What makes the matter worse is that the Court system sees this and does nothing to investigate any of these reported cases, whereby the elderly and handicapped are left to die housed in the nursing agencies, and the County then enjoys the benefits from the very valuable property they have in their hands in these administrative deeds.

Others allege that the twists and turns in this major conspiracy places the money right into the hands of the GOP which then uses it to fund campaigns. It is all illegal, and contains fraud against the people, the courts, and the insurance carriers as well.

The game works as follows: You have an elderly person who is in need of specialized care, (some never call for this help but get assigned a worker anyway); once they are appointed a worker the worker reports to someone at the agencies; the elderly person is then placed in probate court in which the courts award the custody of the person to the healthcare provider. The plot gets worse when the healthcare provider assumes the role of the owner, making rental contacts, and handling the property without any written authorization.

Some of these nurses and aids are not registered; neither have they gone to any school for this work others stated in the meeting I conducted to see if there was a pattern of this in the Western Suburban area; all agreed there is.

"The deeds are in many cases administrative; therefore, there is someone involved in the Office of the Recorder's Deeds making changes on records. This is forgery by the person who is involved in tampering with the records" one person stated. In the case of the renters, they are the end of the line of the fraud which involves renting out units under falsified means, lying to renters who think that they are owners in order to obtain deposits and rents of property they have no right to release.

"How many properties have been stolen by the Illegal Conveyance of Deeds in hidden trusts and falsified records" another person asked? How can the victim get his or her money back? Someone felt that the Mortgage Insurance and Property Insurance will have to assume the cost of this fraud. If that is true, and the money is paid back to the consumer via the insurance industry, it will create a major impact on our economy.

The bottom-line is that there is a hidden tie to campaign donations being funneled back into the system to help cover-up the fraud with no investigation ever issued by the policing agencies in Illinois. The U.S. Attorney will not act on this because all we're told is that this is out of the range of what their office does in Illinois. Therefore, what can be done?!

There are billions of dollars in this, and the fact that the effect of this fraud will be felt by the insurance industry because once an investigation is launched, they will have to pay out on all the claims from victims of this fraud, which will be filed by the victims.

It is not like this is being made up; there are County records of these deeds of which many people have copies in their records, and some are within numerous files various people have sent to the office of the States Attorney for DuPage County and the Attorney General. All have gone without any investigation to date.

There were cases in Florida and California with a business called SKM some years back which had involved fraud by using deeds to obtain property within a Corporation they had formed which used many people in their corporate group to rent homes that may have been tied to administrative deeds. Then, they get mortgage after mortgage on the property bleeding it dry. The alleged owner would flee with the money and then the property would be transferred right back to SKM again to start this process over again and again to bleed out mortgage dollars illegally.

SKM was involved in a number of lawsuits in California and Florida for scams on renters in the 1990s.

Another woman stated that in Chicago and DuPage County, there are properties without PIN numbers and others with owners being away not found, but there is someone who can lease them without the renter knowing if they are the true landlord.

Many of these properties are located in Willow Brook, Hinsdale, Naperville, and other Western Suburban communities, and all the victims in these cases were Black. Once in Circuit Court within the County, the Judicial system refused to hear anything other than the money owned by fake landlords, ruling in the favor of the fraud, further victimizing the person whose money and credit was destroyed.

"If indeed the allegations being made are right, the proceeds from these illegal conveyances via administrative deeds are being used to fund Campaigns, this case makes the corrupt probe into former Governor George Ryan look like he is a angel" said another man who had something such as this done to another relative.


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