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London 7/7
False-Flag Attacks

By Kevin Barrett
April 2, 2006

Numerous anomalies surrounding the London "terrorist attacks" are also beginning to unravel rather quickly. There is now a credible body of evidence that these attacks, blamed on "Al Qa'eda," were also false flag operations executed by the same forces that brought us 9/11. I covered these events in some detail last year, when I mentioned witness reports that the train bomb, allegedly carried by the Al Qa'eda suicide team in a backpack, appears to have actually been pre-positioned UNDER THE FLOOR of the railway carriage (E.g., witnesses, including police, reported that steel beams in the floor structure were all bent UPWARDS around the hole).

The emerging pattern of these "terrorist" attacks clearly reveals the grand plan: To instill fear in the Western world through the creation of an imaginary enemy, and thereby gain people's support for unbridled "preemptive" military action abroad. Please visit for more information. The following was excerpted from this very informative website that contains many photos.


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