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Ancient writings date China back 3,300 years. However, modern archaeological studies provide evidence of still more ancient origins in a culture that flourished between 2500 and 2000 B.C.

While China has been occupied by non-Chinese people who inhabited neighboring countries, this edition won't concern itself with that issue. Nor will it concern itself with China's influence on people who inhabit Korea, Japan, or Vietnam. Moreover, this edition won't concern itself with Japan's occupation of China prior to WW II, as seemingly, this is a straightforward history, which anyone can read to learn the truth.

This edition will concern itself with a piece of history which Chinese leaders plan to carry out in the future, and it concerns itself with history that is unfolding at the moment.

You'll see that they're intertwined, and for good reason. One is a threat to the other.

China has a long history. It is a bitter commentary that its leaders have succumbed to those who wish for Communism to flourish now, without apparently realizing that they are being dupped by none other than The Illuminati, the very ones who created Communism.

Thanks to Hal Turner's discovery and Falun Gong activists in London, it is my pleasure to expose to you what the Chinese leadership does not want you to know, and I devote this edition to those who have suffered and died and are suffering and dying at the hands of the Chinese leadership as they steadfastly attempt to right the wrongs that have befallen them in modern history since Communism became a reality in their ancient nation.

When I lived in New York City, I became aware of an organization which exposed the horrendous pay scales Chinese workers receive, and what happens to those who attempt to improve their pay scale and working conditions, many of whom are paid as little as 3 cents per hour, but no more than approximately 34 cents per hour. The reports that the organization's staff (National Labor Commission in New York City) gave me are not in my possession now, but I will never forget what I read in them!

Chinese workers live in dormitories, and their salaries are spent for these accommodations and food. In many instances, a worker's entire paycheck is used to pay for their accommodations causing them to have nothing for anything else. In other cases, Chinese workers are in debt to their dormitories because of being docked for spending more time in the bathroom than they are allowed, so they are literally earning no money at all.

This is a form of slavery. Any worker who advocates improvements is imprisoned. In my first edition, which was published taking all this into consideration, I set one of the demands for the U.S. Congress to raise the minimum wage worldwide to $10 per hour. Alas, this hasn't happened yet, and it probably never will. Chinese workers, who labor 12 hours per day, with seven days working before Christmas and six days the rest of the year according to the reports, are pawns of their government, and it infuriates me as I'm certain it does you as well.

Please join with me in boycotting Chinese products. The life you save may be your own especially if you live in either Australia, the United States or Canada. Send the Demand for the Government that you see at the end of this edition to the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, whose address will be provided where normally the Speaker of the House's address is provided.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this vital boycott. Please make your friends and loved ones aware of this edition as every person counts in this endeavor. Give them the password. You have my explicit permission.

In peace and solidarity,

Arlene Johnson



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