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Have You Thought About
Leonard Peltier Lately?

Review by Arlene Johnson

How does one go about reviewing a book which is about a man who is larger than life, but about whom most people have never heard?

Leonard Peltier is this man, an enormously human man, who has done nothing which would cause him to be a prisoner, but is a prisoner anyway, a political prisoner in a country which states emphatically that it does not have any political prisoners, the United States of America.

It is true that when I, as the publisher of four centuries of top secret American history, have asked people in both America and western Europe if they recognize the name Leonard Peltier, they say they do not or they guess wrongly!

Leonard Peltier is an extremely humble man, a man of great compassion, a man of wonderful spirit who brings out the very best in everyone with whom he comes into contact, and a great leader who knows the reality of the U.S. government and not just in terms of its relationship with Native Americans.

Therein lies the reason why so many people don't know of his existence.

There are numerous typographical errors in this book, but I would rather read a book with typographical errors than a book which has perfect grammar that publishes the government's disinformation. It will inspire you and teach you the truth.


Arlene Johnson


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