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Setting the Record Straight
Letters from Cell #7
by Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel

Review by Arlene Johnson

The title really says it all. Ernst Zundel is a political prisoner in Canada having been illegally deported from the United States where he was residing peacefully with his wife of over two years, Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel, and beginning to establish an art gallery in the hills of Tennessee.

Instead of writing a conventional book review, I would just like to provide you with a couple of entries from this marvelous book so you can see how valuable it is to own.

"Letter to Ingrid
Doug Christie called me yesterday morning with one of these always frustrating conference calls-lots of technical snafus! He was scheduled to have a three-way conference between himself, the government prosecutor MacIntosh, and Judge Blais. Cosmic static all around! There really has to be something going on cosmically or psychically in this verhexte* situation. I have never ever in all my long years of litigation faced this kind of a thing! Ever! Not at the worst of times!


Doug said he would one more time raise the issue of no pillow, no sheets, no highlighter, pens, post-it notes, also no chair, and infrequent 'fresh air' allotments. He called me back, said the judge wanted written submissions on the issue of whether he was prejudiced. Then he would announce his decision on September 23rd if he stayed on the case or not.

More suspense! More costs incurred by Doug!

About my inconveniences, Doug said that at first the judge hemmed and hawwed, but then apparently must have talked to MacIntosh, who promised to talk to some high-ranking official in a provincial ministry. Imagine our judge, a former Cabinet minister, having to get together with Canada's highest Nazi war crimes prosecutor to get your husband a pillow-after months and months in this prison!

That's how it was left.

I was slightly skeptical about this cornucopia of goodies and amelioration to come. What I had not told you before, in order not to upset you, is this: Those padded sheets I have been sleeping on since May 16, 2003 have not been changed in three months and ten days! They do better in Tajikistan or Outer Slobovia! Also, the prison doctor had promised to 'prescribe' a pillow for me because of the rib cage discomfort, which he thought might be 'acid reflux.' He also prescribed two arm wrist supports to help with the pain in my arms. He thought it might be carpal tunnel syndrome.

The gadgets arrived and sat for two weeks in the guards' office until some older, experienced guard saw the packages and an order by the doctor to give them to me to put on during the night. He brought them. I tried them on. They fit and seemed to help. However, the night shift guards, for some reason, are not all that cooperative. They definitely don't want to bend down to lift the lid on my plastic bin to retrieve these gizmos in the morning and give them back to me at night.

I asked. I was simply ignored by the guard. He did not want to hear my request, even though he was writing something down on my chart by the door. When I repeated my request, he shook his head in an annoyed way, as if to shoo away some fly. No carpal tunnel relief that night! So just because the doctor prescribes something does not mean the prisoner gets the benefit!

By three o'clock, the hall outside my cell was abuzz with activity. Lots of guards! Captains! The captain who was the first to welcome me here in a Blount County prison style came into my cell, ordered me out into the hall, told me, 'We are going to get you a pillow, some sheets, more regular fresh air, showers etc.-but first the guards are going ot search your cell and take out a few things...'

What he was talking about were all those styrofoam cups in which I mix my Dr. Lorraine Day Liquid Diet-12 cups of very thinned-down apple juice or orange juice to 'flavor' the fluoridated liquid, which I have a real problem drinking down each day. Dr. Day had said to me on the phone that this would help to get my blood pressure down naturally by thinning my blood. I had already started that regimen in the Thorold prison. There, the guards and security chiefs looked at that line-up of cups in my sink resembling urine samples, shook their heads, laughted-and that was that! Well, not so yesterday!

This eficient captain told me sternly, after I explained to him the reasons for the cups and the water juice diet, that it was against regulations to 'self-medicate,' that I was a hazard to myself, and that only treatment prescribed by the prison doctor and medical staff were allowed to inmates. Out into the garbage went all my carefully saved styrofoam cups, along with spare juice containers I use to mix up my magic potion for the evening. Everything went-either down the drain or into the garbage!

I had made myself some cardboard writing surfaces on my table. They were all ripped up! Into the garbage they went! All my pencils, too, which I kept organized in little plastic cups in which we get pudding or apple sauce. I had washed these out, dried them and sorted all my pencils according to color and kind. Soft pencils were in one container, those horrible hard prison pencils in another. A third container held the dull ones, which I would give to the guards to sharpen to make things easier for them, since they have to walk down the hall to do that.

Now the guards were told to tip all of them in a pile on the table, and I was told by the captain that he was only going to permit a very limited number because according to him, these pencil stubs, many of them no more than 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches long, present a 'safety hazard' to the staff!

I was also told to sift all my court documents again. I will be allowed to keep only a very limited number in my cell because they present a 'fire hazard,' although there is no smoking allowed and not one electric outlet in the entire cell. I spent all last night until the lights were turned off trying to bring order into that mess on my bed and table, to one again put like with like and see what I might need in court and what I can do without.

So there you have it. I had to give up my water diet, most of my pencils, most of my correspondence, and many documents and books, some of which you so kindly sent me. I want history to record the lunacy of all this one day! We would need Melvin Belli as a lawyer and the strength of the Israeli Lobby to overcome institutional bias and inertia!

Imagine, my sweetheart-your husband being reduced to having to explain to you all this trivial stuff while civilization hangs at the brink of collapse!


Yesterday, 8-21-03, Ingrid was under electronic attack and sabotage on the Internet. Apparently some people were flooding the major media with some kind of material she had nothing to do with and does not know the content of--not yet! This could be very dangerous for her. Once before, a hacker sent a huge pornographic file and stored it on the Zundelsite. She had to get the FBI electronic crimes unit involved at the time. They never found who did it!

Ingrid's website has bothered them from Day One. It was one of the first revisionist websites on the Internet. Immediately after it appeared, it caused a huge international uproar because the German authorities blocked it with electronic warfare methods, even though it was located in California. The Germans blocked access to the server and all its thousands of customers on it, including Deutsche Bank, the Australian Tourist Board, and thousands of others. Talk about controversy! The struggle raged, unequal as it was, for weeks. Then young people chipped in and took over. Suddenly revisionist websites appeared on some 18 university Internet websites in the U.S. and elsewhere! Students in America, Australia, Germany and some other places, without ever consulting Ingrid, mirrored the Zundelsite on their websites, to give it "electronic refuge." Their logo was the Blue Ribbon. You can imagine that this put the Zundelsite on the map worldwide and was worth millions in advertising dollars Ingrid did not have to pay for-not one cent! This sent the Simon Wiesenthal Center's rabbis into overdrive!

The problem for them, and the Germans, was exascerbated and became really embarrassing when the owners, one of them the son of German-Jewish Holocaust survivors, protested the Germans' jackboot censorship methods. That was the final straw for them. The dogs of war were called off for a while, and the Zundelsite survived.

Another time, hackers with intelligence service expertise bombarded America's, in fact the world's third largest Internet Service Provider, where the Zundelsite was stored, with 28.8 million electronic messages for 40 hours straight. This happened on the busiest shopping weekend before Christmas in 1996. It overwhelmed the server's capacity and shut it down completely for several days. Thousands of customers were inconvenienced, and the websites lost millions of dollars of business-all because "these people" could not take it that the Zundelsite exposed their lies and deceptions. The FBI traced that attack to a community college in Victoria, B.C., Canada, but no criminal charges were laid.

Then the Canadian government charged me in Canada with inciting hatred against the Jews there because of material that was on Ingrid's website. We were not yet married and lived thousands of miles apart. She had chosen the name, Zundelsite, to honor my work, but I had nothing to do with that choice. From the beginning, she was in total control--and, in fact, once when I asked, she refused to give me the password. To this day, I don't know the password to that site. I fought the misnamed Human Rights Tribunal with two lawyers and hundreds of thousands of dollars for five years. When the Tribunal ruled that "Truth is not a defense" and the Federal Appeal Court upheld that ruling, I realized that, regardless of what experts I brought in or how much money I spent, I was going to lose. Now, it is obvious from the amount of time the prosecutor has spent so far on the topic of the website, that this is one of the reasons I was brought back here by a spy service operation in which U.S. and Canadian inteligence obviously cooperated behind the scenes. Normally people are deported to their countries of origin, not former residence. Thus, why send me back here?

The answer came recently via a friend in a European country, who, in turn, has contacts in the upper echelons of the U.S. government. He told me that subversive elements in the U.S. had connived to ship this "German national" out of the country " another country where they had a bone to pick with him." My friend also mentioned what it was, specifically all along, but we like to have confirmation.

I won't bore you with what was said inside the hearings, since in about a week, the transcripts will undoubtedly be on the Internet, and they will report in far more detail than I ever could, wasting all my precious pencils on a topic that thoroughly bores and disgusts me.

This is the end of the Review, but you can become a partner in the Zundel Defense.

In order to help finance his legal costs, Ernst Zundel started sketching little paintings, which were given to supporters as a courtesy item in exchange for a donation. These sketches were drawn under harrowing circumstances with stumps of children's crayons, enhanced via computer, and displayed on the Zundelsite at

Now offered on the Internet as well as in his Tennessee gallery, these unusual sketches are rapidly becoming Patriots' collectors' items. They are evidence of Ernst Zundel's indomitable spirit--and his growing, global fame as the best-known Prisoner of Conscience on the American continent!

So far, there exists a collection of 65 sketches. For any donation of $20--or more, you will receive an 8-1/2 by 11" framable copy of a computer-enhanced sketch. These sketches may be previewed on the Internet at

Start your collection NOW. One day you will be proud you did--and so will your descendants.

Regular Zundel supporters in 43 countries receive a monthly newsletter, called "Power" in English and "Germania" in German. This newsletter is free, but is sent only to regular supporters. Samples of past issues are available in exchange for a courtesy donation.

For further information, please write to:

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.
3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Fax: 865-774-7758

To order Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell #7,
send $10.00 payable to Ingrid Rimland Zundel at the above address.


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