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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,

I thank you for your comments. You are so right. I look at things from God's point of view, given to Apostle Paul. These are God's latest and most important revelations to us.

Paul tells us about the "Mystery of God." What you and others are doing is finding out also the "mystery of iniquity" or lawlessness of the Anti-god!

Both of our "work" is essential, that people could "restore" their ability to find what is "good and evil." This is needed for all of us, to "come out" from our "deceptions," and to join the TRUTH, which belong to the "Godkind."

To follow the truth, like Noah did is a very difficult task, because we must go against ALL the power of evil, on all aspects of our lives. We must live in "conflict" with the world. To obey God is to disobey the Anti-god. Our "obedience" therefore requires us to "sacrifice" our lives Mat.16:25, unless we are the "elect of God."

Christians therefore must "endure" their sufferings and sacrifice of their lives, to overcome their "fear of death," to become "perfect." This is God's TRUE SALVATION in a nutshell.

I agree with you that the prisoners are "animals." Why? The law states that humans are brute beasts. I am not sure what the author of the article meant by "animals" but I feel he was at least referring to humans as you rightly see.

Why do I say this? I do, because as Paul's follower I know that we are in the "tribulations" and the "sixth seal" where Satan's created function changed from "stealing" from us to "kill" and "destroy" us Jn.10:10.

I would love to have your books. You seem to put a lot into what is going on. As I said your book is vital for one to find the truth, and to be SAVED now into the "resurrection."

May God bless, protect and SAVE you.



Hang in there kiddo! This is an information war and you are leading the team. I always look forward to your posts.

New Jersey


Thank You,

For taking the time to read my e-mail and respond to me.

Let me say this to you, know that it is the "Job" of some people to be the entity that confuses people with " Their Lies " about the Truth, be not affected by them.

Second, know that I know that we are all " Human Beings" under the shoes of power who set in to motion vehicles of our demise and they utilize others to facilitate their plans. Personally I love it when their operatives reveal themselves by their behavior. I truly believe that at that point in time it is our duty to expose those individuals, take their clothes off in a public and concise manner so that everyone is properly notified as to who they really are.

Their major weapon is that of " Divide & Conquer," there must always be the demonization of one entity for the betterment of their interests.

We fail when we participate in this process. We must refuse to participate in this suicidal behavior.

I went to your site for a moment this morning and it appears that you share the interests and your battlefield is the same as The Gentleman from Annapolis, yet you appear to be somewhat more aggressive with your dispersement of the truth.


Keep up the great work, and know this to be true, nothing that " They " have facilitated and/or perpetrated could ever match their initiatives that they have launched and facilitated right here at home in The Good Old United States.

On the International Front, do you realize that the day before the election 25 European Countries came together in Rome and established by signature a " European Constitution " that will impact all aspects of survivability to this country on the World Stage Of Economic Power ?

If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that you will be one of a few because everyone that called me the morning after the election to tell me that I was correct in my prediction of Baby Bush getting back in had no clue that this monumental event had occurred.

The Paradigm has been altered, my GOD I truly fear the implications of this development for this country that I call home. Please advise folk of this. Know that I monitored media the day of the signing and there was only a tickertape acknowledgement of this event on CNN News and just a blurb on ABC Nightly news only!

Please call me, or give me a number so that I can call you.

As Always's I remain, On the battleground

North Carolina


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