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Good News

The FTAA is dead: Kirchner, Da Silva, and Chavez are unifying South America

We believe that Argentina's switch to gold in their reserves, and the victory of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and the increase in Mexican oil reserves is going to change the complexion of US relations with Latin America.

It is not going to be the pushover it has been in the past and we cannot invade every country that disagrees with us.

The IMF recently arrived in Argentina and there were violent protests ... the demand was that the IMF crooks leave Buenos Aires ""

Kirchner of Argentina, Da Silva of Brazil and Chavez of Venezuela are unifying South America ... if they can do it quickly then FTAA is dead.

The EU, NAFTA, CAFTA and FTAA have little to do with Free Trade, but everything to do with creating regional governing bodies as precursors to world government ... America's laws, cultures, borders, finances and economic structure will cease to exist ... this is why developments recently in South America are so important, hence our coverage.

The keys are Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina ... if they refuse to go along with the program then for now the issue will be dead.

That is why their three recent elections were so important ... all three Presidents are against FTAA.

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Editor's note: This is good news now, but if we don't continue to support these leaders, this will become a concern as the powers-that-be, will not discontinue their efforts to secure their goals.


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