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Did You Know
John F. Kerry

John Forbes Kerry's father was high up in the CIA.

John Forbes Kerry covered up for Bush in the Iran/Contra Commission (and covered up for the Bush family in the BCCI investigation). The Iran/Contra Commission was the "Kerry Commission." BCCI was partially investigated by Kerry as well.

John Forbes Kerry is part of the Bush family network and a beneficiary of vote fraud himself to get to the Democratic Ticket in 2004!


FBI Infiltration of
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Annual Convention of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America]

Thousands Disappointed by ISNA's Leaderless Gathering.
Chaos, Confusion, Indiscipline: Major Islamic Issues Ignored.
[New Trend report from eye witnesses]

From September 3 to 6, 2004 several thousand Muslims gathered at an expensive suburb of Chicago not far from O'Hare airport. They were from all over the country, many of them young and enthusiastic about Islam. The biggest attraction was the bazaar which displayed the creativity and Islamic potential of the Muslims of America: Books of a great variety, services, clothing of several ethnicities made it worth visiting.

Unfortunately the leadership of ISNA seems to have sold out to the U.S. government so completely that its members have become a mass of nice people without any sense of direction. Here are a few glimpses of the essential features of the ISNA Convention:

As one entered the Convention lobby, the first display on the right side, titled "Muslims in America" showed:

i. A photo of Siraj Wahhaj from Brooklyn, New York shaking hands with Ms. Madeleine Albright [responsible for the slow deaths of one million Iraqi children].

ii. A photo of Muzammil Siddiqui [Orange County, Los Angeles area] shaking hands with President Bush.

iii. Several portraits of Syed Saeed (from India) Secretary General of ISNA. It was not clear why his pictures were there but this "leader" of ISNA has a good relationship with the FBI, a willing collaborator. [Imagine the mindset of a group which is proud of shaking hands with people whose hands are dripping with the blood of Muslims. And for ISNA, this is "Muslims in America." ]

* The published program of the Convention indicated that only mediocrities were invited to speak. Most of the activists of Islam in America have left this dying organization. Some sense of how dead and deadening the program was can be gauged from what was left out of it. Here is an incomplete list of what ISNA left out:

i. Imam Jamil al-Amin. [In previous years ISNA gave him grudging recognition.] Instead ISNA hooked up firmly with the U.S. government's "main man" among African-Americans: Imam W.D. Muhammad who prides himself on the services he has rendered to the State Department and the Pentagon.

ii. Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. Leader of the biggest Islamic movement in Egypt, held in solitary confinement since 1993. ISNA's view of him is not very different from that of Israel.

iii. Ahmed Abdel Sattar, U.S. citizen of Egyptian descent. His wife's letters to ISNA offshoot known as CAIR remain unanswered.

iv. Even ISNA's own Professor Sami Al-Arian, demeaned and chained in a U.S. prison, could not get a hearing. His family was forced to buy a booth in the bazaar to publicize his case.

v. All other political prisoners of Ashcroft and his thugs were also ignored.

vi. Even the horrors of Guantanamo Bay, where the Qur'an has been desecrated and 35 attempted suicides have left even non-Muslims shocked, were left out of ISNA's "program."

* Most Muslims consider Hamza Yusuf very close to the White House. His "teachings" at the Convention about integration were so popular with the Chicago Tribune [the local "big" paper] that the Tribune in tribute to Hamza Yusuf tried to give the impression that the "thousands" who came to the Convention came to listen to him!

* Do the "leaders" of ISNA have anything to offer the Muslim community? It soon became apparent that they have nothing to say when the Maghrib/Isha' prayers on both September 4 and 5 ended without ANY Du'a at all.[These prayers were the biggest gatherings at the Convention, drawing about 50% of those who had come.] On September 5, instead of Du'a, ISNA had someone give a rambling talk after 'Isha prayer which was so confused and garbled that most people got up and left.

* To add to the general confusion and steady chaos, on September 5 the lights went out. They came back in the bazaar very soon, but stayed out in the conference area from the afternoon to sunset. This organization of the richest and highly educated Muslims in America could not keep the lights on in its own annual event. [Saddam Hussein kept the lights on in Baghdad even during ferocious U.S. bombing which killed thousands of civilians.]

* ISNA's leaders seem to be totally insensitive to Islam. They had permitted a pro-Bush individual to set up a large booth in the bazaar in the name of "MUSLIMS FOR BUSH." As one brother said, next they'll have "Muslims for Sharon" or even "Muslim homosexuals."[By contrast, ISNA does NOT permit ANY anti-government Muslim group or individual to speak at the Convention or in the Bazaar.] The "Muslims for Bush" is the family of a "Muslim billionaire." The daughter, her cleavage showing, was touting her book where she appears on the cover on skis. [The son appeared on Islam hater O'Reilly's program.]

* ISNA's youth seem to have been infected with the non-Islamic behavior of their "leaders." Some of them are still good at heart and gathered to protest at the "Muslims for Bush" booth, but guess what they were chanting (instead of Allahu Akbar): "Ke-rr-y, Ke-rr-y." Even an elderly supporter of ISNA from Chicago's MCC was going around with an "OBAMA" button. So having once been bitten by Bush, now they want to be bitten by Kerry.

* The WAR AGAINST MUSLIM COUNTRIES was DELETED not only from ISNA's program but even from its bazar. There was no discussion of:
i. Palestine
ii. Afghanistan.
iii. Iraq.
iv. Kashmir
vi. Sudan

ISNA had NO EXPLANATION or discussion of the infiltration of its ranks by government agents. New Trend readers know how ABDUR-RAHMAN al-AMOUDI, who never missed an ISNA or ICNA Convention [and was honored by both], confessed to being an agent for the U.S. State Department. He always had quantities of cash on hand, which he said (in his statement) he used to "buy" Muslims opposed to U.S. policies. Later he plea bargained to a claim that he was working for Libya to kill the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. ISNA's Islamic Horizons paper as well as its leadership had a simple "solution" to the problem. They simply behaved as if it had never happened. [Sort of like Stalin pretending that Trotsky never existed.]

Who else is/was an agent of the government in ISNA? W.D. Muhammad's services to the State Department were open and publicized in his own paper. HE IS PROUD OF HIS SERVICES TO THE OPPRESSORS. But who else in ISNA's "leadership" is a SECRET AGENT OR A PAID agent? Don't ISNA's members deserve to be told what these "leaders" have been up to?

ISNA has shut its membership out of all discussion of the issues. In more than five years it has not published a dissenting letter on its main policies. Hence the chances that ISNA will improve are near zero. ISNA is finished as a Muslim organization though it may continue for some time as a social club or a matrimonial service or an occasion for a bazaar. Provided by New Trend Magazine.


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