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Michael Kane on video, quoting a demolitions expert, said the collapse of WTC 7 was "a work of art." Tenants of the building included the CIA, Secret Service, Giuliani, and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). He mentioned that it was possible that documents relating to Enron were destroyed. The owner of the building, Larry Silverstein, is shown saying on a PBS video that because of the fires, they made the decision to pull -a controlled demolition- WTC 7. Kane made the point that a controlled demolition of a large building is not something that can be organized in a few hours. It takes weeks to prepare for it.


According to White House anti-terror chief Richard Clarke, Wolfowitz, in April 2001, wanted Osama put on a back burner and for the US to go after Iraq. In the first hours after 9/11, according to Bob Woodward and Clarke, Wolfowitz wanted Iraq invaded, not Afghanistan. For his role in steering the US into war, Wolfowitz was named Man of the Year ­ by the Jerusalem Post.

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Right before the tower dropped into a cloud of debris, the windows on the upper levels of the towers blew outwards, one floor at a time, like clockwork. That wasnąt caused by the plane slamming into the tower or the ensuing fire.

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