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John Caldwell, Medical Neglect


Email from Angela Robinson to Attorney

Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2002 03:36:17
From: Angela Robinson

To: Attorney Email intentionally omitted

Spoke to John last night; his complete written hair analysis came in yesterday's mail. He wants you to have a full copy of it.... I told him that I already tried to drop a hint to you....I'll just get to the point. John wants me to ask you if you will take his civil case. Please think about it. John says that there should not be any arsenic in his system, and he tested borderline high. The antimony is also considered a poison/toxic metal that is an ingredient in flame retardants-his foam mattress is treated with a flame retardant-as all prison mattresses are. His antimony level came back off the chart, that's how high it was. All of the toxins would have caused his intestinal tract trauma which we still don't know the diagnosis for the bleeding. He is keeping a daily journal of everything-his treatment of the lack of it, and his physical symptoms, he doesn't know what triggers the bleeding but he did note that the blood gushed out of him two days ago. We are thinking maybe an ulcer condition from the toxins or maybe the overgrowth of bad bacteria (Candida Albian) which is fungal and can lead to a parasite condition. His aluminum is high off the chart also; this can come from the excessive doses of antacids (Tums) that they kept giving him for his condition which ultimately made him worse. John needs to be allowed to be properly detoxed. I want him home so badly, and he wants to be home so badly. He says that he has had a strong tightness on one side of his chest. It's not the side that his heart is on, but he says that the pain is excruciating when it flares up. It's on the same side that the tumor is on.

Toni, attorney Hall is such a far we still haven't linked the arsenic to the guards, BUT according to Kevin DeFries, he says that the other guards will come forward only if they are made to with a polygraph. His mother, Martha, said that COI Martin is back from suspension which is odd, because that State Police Larry Whitman (that threatened to charge Kevin for having a list of names of guards all in on the arsenic poisoning) said that no guard has ever been suspended because he would know about it. Obviously a lie.

I think that you could uncover so much more than Holly would even care to uncover because his attitude is "never could this happen in Arkansas." At least that's how he comes across.

So please give it some additional thought; John knows that you would give the best possible for him; he is so proud of what you said because I told him, "not for a second would you doubt that he is a good man; that means a lot to him. He has a lot of heartache in him and I don't mean to say this to sway you, but when I read how he tried to fight to keep his parental rights... it just made my stomach hurt so bad-to feel his anguish-he's been counting the days to see her again. She turns 18 in February 2003. He is a truly broken man on the inside. He told me that he still has nightmares over it-Arkansas changed the rules to suit taking away his daughter from him. You can hear so much pain when he talks about his "Nancy" or his 10 year loss of live. I'm sorry. I just want him out of there, and you are working on it; that's what's most important...okay, I've got to go...we truly appreciate having found you through Libby, and we are grateful to have you fighting for John. God bless you, Toni Marie.



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