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John Caldwell, Medical Neglect

Grievance Form
Unit/Center Cummins

Name (Please Print) John Caldwell ADC# 90188
Barracks 14, 414 Job Assignment FU#8

Have you discussed this problem with your immediate supervisor? Yes No x

NATURE OR DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM: Years ago my ankle tendon was cut in half; I am having a lot of problems with it. I saw so-called "Dr." Reed today after he repeatedly mixed my medical jacket and another inmates, the point is he absolutely refused any form of treatment.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN TO SOLVE IT? To see a different doctor with enough sense not to examine someone else thinking it's me, and know the difference. This is a serious medical problem "walking." Fix your end or hire a lawyer.

Inmate signature John signed the form and included his prisoner number Date 5-12-97

If so, why? (Provide Explanation) There is a deliberate indifference being shown toward my health in order to trim expenses and benefit the state work program.

I object to the posting of issues presented in this grievance: YES x NO (An emergency situation is one in which you may be subject to a substantial risk of physical harm. It should not be declared for ordinary problems that are not of a serious nature.) If you marked yes, you may give this completed form to any officer or department employee who shall sign the attached emergency receipt, give you the receipt, and deliver it without undue delay to the ARO, the Warden/Center Supervisor, or in their absence, to the Unit/Center Assistant Warden.

REPRISALS: If you are harmed or threatened because of your use of the grievance form, report it immediately to the Warden.

(To be filled out by Receiving Officer)
RECEIPT FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS OFFICER (Please Print) Editor's note: The Receiving Officer printed his name on this form.

FROM WHICH INMATE? J. Caldwell ADC# 90188
Date 5-12-1997 TIME 10:40 AM

SIGNATURE OF RECEIVING OFFICER The receiving officer signed this form. NOTE: Forms to be ordered from Industry Program; original form to be completed on NCR paper.

Editor's Note: There are many of these grievances within this true story. The form, per se, won't be repeated. Just the contents of the form.

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