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John Caldwell, Medical Neglect

by Arlene Johnson
This story was written by John Caldwell, not me, and provided to me by the love of his life, Angela Robinson, who struggles to get the State of Arkansas to provide him with proper medical care.

Angela sent me copies of approximately 106 Emails to Governor Huckabee of Arkansas in her determination to obtain proper medical care at an outside facility since he was not receiving this care behind prison walls.

All of the names, except for John, Angela, Governor Huckabee, Kevin, and Rick James have been changed to protect the innocent. It doesn't matter who perpetuated these crimes against John as it is the system that did it, a system that uses medical neglect to murder prisoners (inmates) just as it uses the death penalty to do so.

This is a note from Kevin DeFries to John Caldwell. Dated Saturday, July 27, 2002 it states:

John Caldwell,
Hey John how are things going for you! This is DeFries in Ad/Se # 16 (cell 303), I was in the cell with you when I was on 48 hour relief. Listen they are using "Arsenic" to poison us with, "hair sample" D.N.A. breakdown lab results. I am getting an out-of-state attorney to do a Class Action Suit for Rick James and me. Do you want to be a "Third Party?" Don't know more than that. A-Shift are the ones poisoning us, so don't eat on their shift and live longer John, and that's on the real tip. I am trying to buy a "Woodgrain." Any over there?
Write me a kite [a kite is a small piece of paper that prisoners pass to one another which has a message on it] and let me know something on Class A Suit. We won't sell out. Take care, Your friend,
To: John Caldwell
(440 Cell)
From: DeFries
Cell (303)

July 29, 2002 Monday Night, Time 6:00 P.M.
J. Caldwell,
Listen, I won't give any names through kites, I do not trust the porters. I think they are scanning the kites and bringing them to Top of Security here; you know who that is. But like I said I have (3) to (5) guards who will come forward. Send me your A.D.C number; I will give you my mom's phone number, or you can give me your wife's number to give to my mom, so they can help us and each other sort through all this. They use "Arsenic," smaller doses or amounts and then in (1) to (2) years you die. They write you down from infirmary as died from "Natural Causes." It is "Code Name" if you will-Silent Treatment-works very effectively. As you know "Arsenic" is colorless, odorless, tasteless. Write me back, give me any pointers you may have to help me in any way.
Take care, D[eFries]

July 30, 2002
John, listen my mom's phone number is...[left intentionally blank] do not give this number out. "They did not mention your name." John they can get you through the infirmary, through your med's, infirmary is working with the Prison Officials in this conspiracy, such as Poison Off and infirmary writes you down as died of Natural Causes who would have thought one's family would have done an Autopsy and tested for Arsenic, Perfect Plan-instead of taking you behind levy like they used to and shoot you and cause heat on this place, they devised a plan called (I name it) Code Name-"Silent treatment," less mess but same cure. You see what I am getting at? (Arsenic Poison sets up in ones kidneys and liver and lies dormant; it won't pass through your system, defecating or urinating. "Small doses at first, builds up to fatal doze-"died Natural Causes." -------------------Perfect-----------------------You see the full picture now John.
2) John Commissary is safe to eat, trust me, they won't fuck with food, too many people could eat it; they don't want everyone; they are singling out people. Eat Commissary; it's the safest.
3) John Can you send me a few shots of coffee until I can repay Thursday when I am...."

Editor's note: the rest of this photocopied page missed the copy machine cut-off.

Thursday, August 22, 2002
John your wife called my mom, and my mom said she sure had some good information. She said she sure was a lot of help; please tell your wife to stay on "internal affairs," (Richard Colson), at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Call the Governor's office and talk with a woman named (Rachel), demand an investigation to be conducted by internal affairs into the Poisoning the food. John don't eat on (A or B) shifts. I have got Officer Mickey (nicknamed) "meal ticket," suspended right now, an investigation by internal affairs is going on right now. We are on the "Security." It is a breach of security to let "inmates," walk around in the "main control," of #14 and #16, block with a Security Guard. Tell your wife to stay in touch with my mom. They are scanning my phone calls and mail. They are trying to shut me down. Captain Richardson sent me to mental health, trying to show I was crazy; it didn't work. I had the "State of Arkansas," give me a Mental evaluation in 20 years for my charge of Robbery and the Top Mental Health Professional person for Arkansas said they were not ... wrong with me and that I was mentally competent and that I was going to prison for these little (20 years). So fuck them; they can forget that it will not work; I have "Court Records." Write me John, and let me know what's going on with you O.K. Please have your wife stay in touch with my mom.
Take care,
Your friend,

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