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Requesting Official Organization
& Individual Endorsements

I am requesting official organization endorsements for the following Governor Davis Letter.

We need official endorsements as well as individual endorsements for the Campaign Against Governor Vetos to the Parole Boards , Prop 89, 1988 and the subsequent state and federal Supreme Court Appeals that will be made.  This is a highly charged political situation that affects our social justice activists, unions, and supporting community, just as resolutions for peace against war and the Bush Agenda have received endorsements.

It is an issue affecting multiple union campaign donations and social service and government cuts to our union membership and community needs also.  It affects union members as well as society at large, as many of us have friends or family behind bars and trapped in this system for corporate and political profits.

Astraea Kelly

Governor Davis
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916-445-4633

December 18, 2002

Dear Governor Davis:

I understand that you are pleased with the recent Supreme Court decision in the Rosenkrantz case which confirms gubernatorial power in vetoing Parole Board decisions.

One only has to look at the list of organizations that you thank for their work on this case, which includes the California Peace Officers' Association, to see the financial and political support which has secured this victory for your executive power.

Over the past year, civil liberties organizations, women's and religious groups, newpapers and family members have tirelessly campaigned for you to abandon your harsh stand on parole and heed our concern for women and men in prison who by all community standards of justice should be released. Unfortunately, we do not have the same type of funding that you have been able to bring to bear on this issue. However, we do have increasing numbers and a belief in the morality of releasing women and men like Flozelle Woodmore, Maria Suarez, Jeri Becker, Robert Rosenkrantz and many others who have served their time and should now be allowed to return to their families and communities.

At this time of deep budgetary crisis as California faces almost a $30 billion deficit, it would make good fiscal sense to release parole-eligible prisoners whose continued incarceration costs over $30,000 per year per person. However, it seems that your political alliance with law enforcement, including the correctional officers who recently won a 37% salary increase, dicates that education, health care, and housing will all face drastic cutbacks while the mammoth corrections budget remains intact.

Be advised that public scrunity of your parole decisions will not end because of this Supreme Court ruling. Herbert Rosenkrantz stated that he will not give up hope for his son's release and I am committed with thousands of others to work until justice is done in these cases.


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Editor's note: People around the world can participate in this issue. All you would need to do when you send this letter is threaten to boycott California for tourism.



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