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Symbionese Liberation Army

The Symbionese Liberation Army is an entirely fictitious terrorist entity that resulted directly from an operation run out of Vacaville Medical Facility in California by CIA veteran and former Phoenix Program operative Colton Westbrook according to information provided by David McGowan.

Editor's note: Vacaville Medical Facility, to the best of my memory, is a psychiatric facility.


More on Torture

A slapjack is a chunk of lead covered with leather. Ironically, you can sometimes buy what is close to being a slapjack at an office supply store or a bookstore. People use them to hold open books while they're eating and reading.

A slapjack has great inertia when swung against a person's body. It can cause great pain and do serious damage. When giving the third degree, however, it's essential to not leave visible marks that can be photographed by defense attorneys; so a telephone book is commonly placed over the person's head, and the slapjack is swung down against the phone book. This transmits great force through the phone book, the person's skull, and his brain, but it generally doesn't leave any exterior marks. The pain is frightening and as the brain bounces against the interior of the skull (there is space between the brain and the carapace of the skull). It doesn't take many swings of the slapjack to make a person sign anything.

Ashcroft and his legion of latter day Huns want to bring back legal torture. Never mind that a torture victim will say anything to stop the pain, which makes torture a hopelessly inefficient method for getting reliable information. Oh well, I suppose the evangelical John Ashcroft would surely institute Christian modes of torture.

Provided by Richard Franklin.


The Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Created by the CIA

During World War II the Office of Strategic Service run by "Wild Bill" Donovan was allegedly our principal intelligence agency. What it actually did, however, was to engage mostly in covert military operations such as making dramatic rescues of downed pilots in Indochina -- which provided great fodder for the American media and gave Donovan great publicity. The OSS, however, was never good as an intelligence gathering group. Nearly all decent intelligence gathered during the war came from Army Intelligence or Navy Intelligence, the latter distinguishing itself by breaking the Japanese code.

At the end of the war, the OSS was therefore no longer of much value. Saving downed pilots in the jungles of Indochina was no longer seen as a need. With the Cold War already underway, good intelligence was urgently needed. The OSS was quickly converted into a small rump organization of the newly created Central Intelligence Agency which was to focus entirely on intelligence gathering.

The CIA started out with virtually no network of trained spies. This led to the absorption of thousands of Nazi spies under the direction of Reinhard Gehlen, the master Nazi spy running operations on Germany's eastern front. The CIA was up and running almost immediately with this huge Nazi cadre now on their payroll.

Provided by Richard Franklin.


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