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More on the Kennedy Assassination

From The Guns of Dallas by L. Fletcher Prouty

This one indelible record of a fragment in history tells a truer story than all twenty-six volumes of the Warren report. It is possible to place the first shot at Zapruder film frame 189 and the Altgens photograph at Z-255. It is interesting to note that nearly one half of the background of the Altgens photo is filled with that huge oak tree we mentioned earlier. It has been carefully researched that a rifleman in the Oswald window could not possibly have shot at the President through that tree and thus could not have fired at the President until at least Z-210. In fact, under the prevailing physical conditions, no one could have fired from that window.


9/11's Flight 77

Flight 77 landed at Reagan National Airport after its attention-getting dive toward the Pentagon. Here is a satellite photo that shows how uncomplicated that maneuver was and how the execution could be accomplished with minimum visibility following the explosion that certainly was counted on to distract from this magician's exit. Here is the satellite picture:

In the center of the picture is the Pentagon. At the lower left is visible, across the Potomac and starting a few yards from the water's edge, the landing strip labelled "15." Above the Pentagon and to the left is the Naval Annex building and the turnpike cloverleaf  over or near which both Flight 77 and the killer jet approached the Pentagon.

Flight 77 was higher and visible against the sky. The much smaller and less visible killer jet was hugging the ground at 20 feet or less and approaching at must faster speed -- on a path such that it would be viewed against the visual  "noise" of the buildings and Arlington National Cemetary by any observer who saw it.  Only one observer saw both planes; he reports that both approached and that one "veered" from its collision course as the other proceeded into the target.    The veer was a mere ten degree turn, which took it over two parking lots, on cluster of small office buildings, over the Potomac and unto the tarmac of landing strip 15 at Reagan National.

Notice that many observers on the turnpike in front of the West Wall, including Riskus, would not have been able to visually follow Flight 77 because of the massive smoke and cement dust raised by the crash of the killer jet and, earlier, the ground to air missile it fired. At this hour those two parking lots would have been empty.  Most people not in their cars would have been glued to their TV sets or to more business deemed even more important than a terror attack on both World Trade Center towers.

Seeing the layout, knowing what all of the witnesses said, knowing from the video that the killer jet was no Boeing 757,we can be certain not only that this was the frameup conspirators planned, but also that no other coordination of the deception would have worked.

We now know in great deal about the killer jet, the missile it fired,  and now-you-see-me-now-you-don't maneuvers of  Flight 77 around the Pentagon that day.

How  we know that the famous debris piece did not come from the crash. The September 11 Pentagon Murders:  The "smoking gun" evidence that a small missile firing "killer jet" attacked the Pentagon while Flight 77 at first diverted attention and then flew behind the smoke to Reagan National Airport.

Provided by Dick Eastman, Yakima, Washington


WTC Explosions

Steve Evans was in the foyer of the WTC and escaped very early. He borrowed a phone from a local shopowner and called in the BBC who were just beginning to cover the attacks. He talks about a "series of explosions" and a massive explosion lower down in the building. He says that there were 2-3 loud cracks after the initial impact, where the building shook.



by Estrella Holtzknecht/Berosini
© March 2002
Ms. Berosini states that what she researched, "may be circulated with credit to author."

Had all four hijacked planes taken the flight paths indicated in red on the map, all four planes would have hit their targets within the 25 to 30 minutes George W. Bush was recorded on video, sitting with children, in a Florida school. We have all been mystified as to why Bush just kept sitting there. That was his alibi while Vice President Cheney and George H. W. Bush, Sr. were in The White House, Bush, Jr. sat inexplicably still in that schoolroom.

Air Traffic Controllers have always been fully authorized to issue fighter jets in an emergency, the main question he avoided by staying in the classroom is whether he took control from ATC, NORAD, or the FAA and ordered fighter jets to stand down. His sitting in the classroom, with those children, answered where he was and what he was doing when the crime took place. General Canavan, at the FAA, and General Eberhart, at NORAD, suspended standard national security protocol.

Nashua Flight Control, in New Hampshire, stated the first indication they had that something was wrong was when flight 11 had not achieved cruising altitude before leaving Massachusetts. They gave flight 11 permission to climb but nothing happened, and they got no radio response. Flight controllers have also reported that they were ordered to stand down because they were told "We are under attack". The FAA and NORAD said, "We are under attack" before flight 11 hit the north tower. How did they know this? And if we were under attack, all the more reason to scramble fighter jets instead of ordering flight controllers not to do so.

Author give permission to circulate with credit to author.


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