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True Story  

Provided by Ansar Burney

Worst kind of human rights crime - An innocent girl mercilessly killed by her husband in the name of "Kaari."

KARACHI: The human and civil rights activist Ansar Burney, Advocate has demanded immediate arrest of the killers of humanity who killed one innocent lady in Khanpur Mehar, Province of Sindh in Pakistan.

Chairman, Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International, Mr. Ansar Burney, Advocate in a letter to the Chief Executive of Pakistan, General Parvez Musharraf, diverted his attention towards a horrible crime against woman and urged for the immediate arrest of the killers of innocent lady Ms Ajeeban, 21 who was mercilessly murdered by her husband and uncle.

Ansar Burney informed Chief Executive of Pakistan that in a village Suhangro, near Khanpur Mehar, in Sindh, a young and innocent lady, Ajeeban was brutally killed after proclaimed as "Kaari" by her husband and uncle.

According to the eyewitnesses, her cruel husband first fired at legs of Ajeeban and seriously injured her. Later he consulted with her uncle about the incident, who advised him not to take her to hospital (to conceal his crime) and kill her after proclaiming that she allegedly had illicit relations with her cousin.

According to the further reports seriously injured Ajeeban lied on courtyard and watched her grave being dug there by her husband and uncle. She kept on crying, claiming her innocence on swear upon God, pleading and clamoring not to kill her, but no family member came out to her rescue. Even her sister, who is married with her brother in-law (brother of her husband), was also not allowed to help her, her crying sister screamed to allow her to give a glass of water to her dying sister but killers of humanity did not allow it.

Eyewitnesses told that before she died, helpless injured young mother saw her baby crying, she couldn't avoid screams of her little baby and crawled to feed her baby for the last time. For last 45 minutes, she remained soothing her weeping baby and forgot her own pain and fate. In the last moments, her husband forcibly snatched her baby from her arms and she was pumped with a volley of kilashankove burst.

She was buried in the same grave, dug before in front of her. Even the mother of the deceased lady was not allowed to see her dead body, which was buried without any coffin and bath.

Ansar Burney said with sorrow that even two days have passed but police have failed to even register a case and the killers are still at large.

He urged the Chief Executive to issue orders for the immediate arrest of the killers and Justice should be done with the soul of the late Ajeeban.



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