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Letters to the Editor

Sometimes I see things that may be useful links to your ever growing Web site. I really appreciate your work.

Love and hugs in Christ,
Trisha in Ohio
Thank you for your wise perception Arlene and your great dedication to allowing some truth to reach our poor deluded and deceived brothers and sisters.

I have started reading some of your research and postings/ go girl!!

Blessings upon tenacity and your recognition that Fisher and his cohorts are Satanic schills out to rattle sabres and lead folks astray.....

Your great article
needs this compliment from Canada for proof of what happens when a church incorporates...

This is on my Web site in the de facto link at the top of the page.

Blessings upon your zeal for open truth.

Minister in British Columbia, Canada
I have been reading your posts in my yahoo underground bases group. You are remarkable lady.. i wish you well and good luck... but take care and don't take chances.. it is not worth it.. you have done enough if i may say so.


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