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The Webb File

Breaking News June 27, 2005 TOP SECRET INDICTMENTS, ARREST & EXTRADITION WARRANTS AGAINST TOP U.S. SHADOW GOVERNMENT BUSH CRIME FAMILY PLAYERS: Ollie North, Casper Weinberger, John Poindexter, Assistant Attorney General William Richard Scruggs, Carl Lindner owner United Fruit-Chiquita Bananas and George H. W. Bush. These Indictments for Drug & Gun running, Murder, Narcotics money laundering is by The Senate & Congress of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Government has pending requests with the US State Department, The US Congress & Senate, The US Courts, which are being ignored. This document is 93 Pages. There are rewards being offered by The Government of Costa Rica if someone wants to collect them. There are only 3 copies in existence, now there will be millions. Make your copy today.

Breaking News July 3, 2005 Bush Crime Family Goon British Stooge Bob Woodward of the Washington Post exposed the Headquarters of the American French Alliance Good Guys in the CIA and French Intel Good Guys who oppose Nazi Bushes. The AFA have repeatedly stopped Terrorist attacks inside the USA that Bushes have plotted since July 2004. Bush Stooge Woodward did this in retaliation for the AFA exposing his Nixon Deep Throat source FBI Feldman. Woodward was involved in the murder of Neil Moody Cooper, White House Aid Vince Foster's cousin. Foster also was murdered by the Bush Clinton Crime Family for turning State's Witness against the Bush-Clintons.

Breaking News Exclusive Top Secret John F. Kennedy Jr. Interpol Classified Reports. Classified Top Secret until 2025

Many more top secret documents released by Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, only on see Breaking News pages.


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