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Hospital Administrator states concerns to the Prime Minister of Australia with a Cc to many in the bureaucracy

Dr. Maarten De Vries was the hospital administrator for a very large hospital in Australia who has been destroyed by the Australian government. Read here what he has written:

From: Maarten De Vries To:
Cc: "" , AMAQ Qld , "" , "" , "" , mike Horan , "" , "" , paul de Jersey , "" , "" , Tony Morris , "" ,,,
Subject: NO SELF Respect: NO conscience! Just unremitting EVIL. I say AGAIN NO....OOOO! FW: Contact your PM: your message was successfully submitted [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date: Jul 27, 2008 10:46 AM
To Senator Ludwig and your whole Nazi Gang,

Now I've received more mail from Centrelink cutting my pension even further, MORE LIES/extortion about debt repayment. More bleeding people dry (and destroying the nation) with your system of FORCE and VIOLENCE! THREE and Half DECADES of trampling over us.

YOU EVIL thieving servants of Satan OWE US (my family and me) $millions!!! Let alone how much you spent on WASTING me, my colleagues and our patients. NO RIGHTS eh, you foul Servants of Satan!!!

Thieves and murderers. That's what you are hell bent on, MURDERING your betters, the Children of God. Killing me, because you HATE. YOU just HATE Truth tellers, and your leaders, don't you!

And you CANNOT plead ignorance and innocence. You are ALL guilty of party to MURDER, theft, extortion, systematic Abuse of Power (which YOU write is "routine"), conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, pretexting, fraud, defalcation: indeed of waste, pillage and plunder on a grand scale. Your Abuse of Power escalated from the moment you decided in "Power" that neither competent, caring doctors nor our patients have any rights.

I'd like to forgive you because you know not what you do, but when you are shown what you do, you don't repent, you just step up your crimes, even getting those who are supposed to work for the Australian PEOPLE to do your VILE work. Unremitting for decades!!!!! No understanding of Action and Reaction. Nelson Mandela said it right.

Editor's note: They know what they do. This is why they never repent.

I really pity you. You don't deserve anything. How tortured you Criminals must be!

Editor's note: People with no conscience are not tortured...yet anyway. Just wait until the Messiah returns. Then they will be tortured for their evil ways.

SAY NO, NO, NO.........NO to violence! NO....OOOOOO!

Your lifelong, revolutionary enemy

Ex "Coon" Dr Maarten de Vries

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 10:07:54 +1000
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Name: Dr Maarten de Vries
Email Address:
Postal Address: PO Box 188 AIRLIE BEACH QUEENSLAND 4802 Australia
Subject: No Self Respect
Comment: Dear Fuhrer of the Queensland Khmer Rouge,

"Poverty is the worst violence" said Ghandi, a hero to billions.

But there is no appeal to reason to commonsense, reason or conscience with you characters is there? That three and a half decades of unremitting destruction of a nation have proceeded since Hayden, Scotton and Deeble (with Scotton, too late, recanting) decided for the Witless Government to treat the Australian people as if we were all bovinely stupid - nay, even just beans - you are still at it.

Your agenda of humiliating and degrading Tall Poppies and those they try to protect, to their Deaths, says one thing to us. Not only do you have NO respect for Mankind, for people; you don't even have SELF respect.

That, on top of all your other Crimes, less than a month ago, you even sent the CIB to intimidate me (at least this time they didn't actually rob me, not that there is anything left, nor did they come openly armed and ready for violence, "to keep the peace" by force, just like Nazis).

Even worse than the Mafia, who at least are Organised Crime, you spend any amount of the fruits of others' labour "wasting" your betters, both literally (how many deaths, alone, have you been responsible for, beyond Bundaberg, my neighbour, his fellow parishioner etc?) and figuratively.

I've struggled like Frodo Baggins out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, out of the mire; and you QKR, having ground my face into your shit, no longer have any Power over me, so why don't you just get yourselves out of the cesspool. Get some self respect! What's wrong with you, eh?!?

I will NOT be silenced. I will NOT divert from the path to discovering total Enlightenment, to do GOOD for my fellow Children of God. I will not go over to your Dark Side. And I ridicule your continued attempts to degrade and humiliate me, just as I ridiculed, then quite mildly. Goss and company's evil SEMII.

Yours still ALIVE in Gulag Australis

Your revolutionary enemy

Maarten de Vries, wasted MBBS, MHP, FRACMA, FAFPHM, FAIM, FACEP, MMEPR, ex RAAMC etc


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