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By Michael A. Hoffman II
July 21, 2008

Our book "Judaism Discovered" is 20 days from publication (Aug. 10) and already the boycott against it has begun in earnest.

Despite its name, the "Idaho Observer" is a nationally circulated and respected monthly newspaper for Constitutionalists, who regard it highly as a source of news and opinion. Its offices are approximately twenty miles north of our own.

Last week we submitted to the "Idaho Observer" a prototype of a moderately worded display advertisement that has been accepted for publication by the "American Free Press" newspaper in Washington D.C.

After two e-mails and a letter sent by US postal mail we received the following one-line response from the "Idaho Observer:"

"We prefer to not accept advertising from you."

Constitutionalists desperately need the information which "Judaism Discovered" contains. Thus far Constitutionalists have largely failed to discern the Talmudic roots of what is known as "judicial activism," but what is more accurately described as "legislation by judicial decision." This usurpation of the legislature's law-making function by judges is based not on divine law as found within the Anglo-Saxon legal heritage derived from it, but on "precedent" emanating from man-made philosophies. It's no accident that this process exactly mirrors the Talmudic excursus.

Constitutionalists do not grasp the covert Talmudic thread that binds former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, "Shomer Shabbos" Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and Chabad-Lubavitcher Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff.

Constitutionalists do not know the rabbinic law on bribery of judges and the permissibility of perjury, both of which are specifically cited and documented for the first time anywhere, along with much else that is germane to the restoration of our Republic, in "Judaism Discovered."

Without this information, Constitutionalists are fighting blind; they are fighting an enemy they don't really know because a critical piece of the intelligence puzzle is missing.

Unfortunately, by its censorship of our advertisement, which contained nothing inflammatory or lurid, the "Idaho Observer" becomes part of the enforcement arm of the ADL and Morris Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in ensuring that only "safe" publications that do not threaten the Cryptocracy at its most fundamental, heart of darkness, will be publicized and distributed among Constitutionalists. It is our opinion that the "Idaho Observer" is intimidated by the ADL and the SPLC which exercise significant influence over local print and broadcast media. It appears that the "Idaho Observer" would rather sacrifice to these media "gods" its readers' right to know, than to defy these thought cops by publishing our ad. Such timid souls will never lead a movement that authentically threatens the Cryptocracy.

Here below is contact information for the "Idaho Observer." Anyone who sends them abusive or threatening remarks will be assumed to be an agent/plant of the ADL or the SPLC. Only polite and civil comments that explain to the "Observer" how their self-defeating censorship damages the cause of restoring the Republic, will serve any productive purpose.

Pray that this boycott will be broken and that it is not indicative of a trend. Advertising outlets for "Judaism Discovered" are few and far between as it is. If even alternative publications reject ads for it, then the possibility that it will be doomed to the memory hole before it has even been published, becomes ever more real. As this writer stated in his "Desideratum" essay, we believe we can overcome every counter-argument the adversary may offer. The one thing we can't overcome is the "silent treatment." If the grassroots activists, teachers, pastors, leaders, and decision makers who need our book the most never learn of its existence, then the Talmudists will have have won the battle of ideas without having had to fire a shot.

IDAHO OBSERVER, P.O. Box 457 Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Phone: 208-255-2307. Email:



"Judaism Discovered" will be offered for pre-publication sale online, later this week.

Hoffman's essay "Judaism Discovered: A Desideratum," is online here:

Editor's note: To contact the Idaho Observer is pointless. Buy the book and end the tyranny of censorship forever. The Idaho Observer is just desirous of remaining in business. If they had accepted Michael's ad, they would have lost the revenue of all the Jewish advertisers and had to close their doors. This is what has been happening for over 100 years now. Sales of newspapers do not support a publication. Advertising revenue does. Without that, no newspaper can survive.


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