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Full Page Ad demands access to Grand Jury

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Minnesota Citizens demand access to the GRAND JURY

In a FULL PAGE ad in the Sunday May 25, 2008 St. Paul Pioneer Press the Citizens of the state of Minnesota demanded access to the Grand Jury… BREAKING NEWS
St. Paul, Minnesota
May 25, 2008

The Citizens of Minnesota, frustrated by their attempts to bring evidence of the corruption of certain judicial officers to their Grand Juries, placed a full-page ad in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sunday, May 25, 2008.

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The Grand Jury is composed of Citizens and is required to investigate evidence of corruption of political officials. But in Minnesota, the Judicial Branch has taken over the Grand Juries and has refused to allow the Grand Juries to hear the evidence that would indict their fellow judges of crimes.

The cover-up is deep and wide.

In the summer of 2007 Citizens demanded to the Chief Judge of the Ramsey County district court (Gregg Johnson), access to the Grand Jury to bring evidence of corruption of public officials. The judge refused.

In November of 2007 an indictment came down from the Grand Jury of Ramsey County on a murder investigation. The indictment was signed by the foreperson of the Grand Jury. A criminal complaint (and evidence) of only one, of over 40 cases was sent to the Grand Jury foreperson. The foreperson, confused, sent the information to Chuck Balck of the Ramsey County attorney’'s office. Balck gave the information to Chief Judge Gregg Johnson. Johnson buried it.

Undaunted, numerous Citizens petitioned the Governor (Tim Pawlenty) and the Minnesota Attorney General (Lori Swanson) seeking a special Grand Jury to be convened. Pawlenty and Swanson ignored the Citizens.

The Citizens arrived at the state capital with TV cameras and asked to speak with Pawlenty and Swanson concerning their petition for a Grand Jury to be convened. Instead of responding to the Citizens, the state police were called and threatened the Citizens with arrest, and the police grabbed the equipment of the reporters.

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The Citizens also petitioned both the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court seeking a writ of mandamus to compel access to the Grand Juries. No response.

Now, a private Citizen has funded a full-page ad in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. This man is not wealthy, yet he dug into his own pockets to bring the message to the People of the state of Minnesota. “We want our GRAND JURY to investigate the evidence of corruption in the judicial branch.”

When will the People understand that it is OUR responsibility to correct OUR government? The Grand Jury is charged with the duty to investigate ALL evidence of corruption of public officials, including the judges.

The Citizens of the state of Minnesota will not stand down. They will be heard, and they will require that ALL public officials are made accountable to the People.

It is the right of the People to bring evidence of corruption directly to the Grand Jury. We demand our rightful access to the Grand Jury.

Nancy Lazaryan, Citizen of the state of Minnesota
Robert Zick, Producer Inside Insight Newshour

Why Access to Grand Juries Is Being Blocked

By Ron Branson - J.A.I.L. CIC

Nancy Lazaryan, I have read of your below frustration, and I need to bring something to your attention regarding Grand Juries. Back in 1960 the State of California created what has now become known as the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). These commissions have spread throughout the other 49 states as a "means" of discipling wayward judges.

In creating the CJP the "work" of the Grand Juries was "transferred" to the CJP. Prior to the creation of the CJP, Grand Juries had the power to investigate all political figures. However, since then, the one and only governmental entity that cannot now be investigated by the Grand Jury is the judiciary.

I filed an affidavit for criminal conduct of a certain judge with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. I thereafter received a letter from the Grand Jury stating that they did not have jurisdiction over the matter, and that I would have to go to the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Indeed I did go personally to San Francisco, and was told that they are not a prosecuting agency, but deal only with ethical matters, and that I would have to go to the State Attorney General's Office. I drove from S.F. to the State Attorney General's Office in Sacramento where I was told they I would have to go to S.F. to the CJP. I told them that I just came from them and they sent me here.

Eventually they allowed me to see a Virgil Chapman, their P.R. man, who photocopied my evidence and told me that this evidence needs to be acted upon post haste.

After a passage of time hearing nothing, I called to follow up. They made unmistaken acts to block my calls and told me they could not do anything.

Here is what I found out. The State Attorney General is defense counsel for the California judges, and could not prosecute. Bottom line, there exists no forum in which the People may file a criminal affidavit against a judge which may be investigated.

This is why you cannot gain access to the Grand Jury. It is also why I wrote into the J.A.I.L. Initiative that the Special Grand Jury created by the Initiative shall not be subject to the laws imposed upon Grand Juries. J.A.I.L. returns the power back into the hands of the People in the form of a Special Grand Jury.

- Ron Branson


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